Video by Alliance for Humane Action. An attention-getting educational video on spay/neuter. Please read the credits.


No-Kill Animal Shelters -- Ideas For Animal Shelters, and what every No-Kill Shelter should be.

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No Kill Declaration -- Declaration of the U.S. No-Kill Movement. website about keeping dogs from suffering and dying in hot parked cars has downloadable pamphlets and fliers to help you get the word out.

10 Foods Bad for Dogs - Feb 2017 
Pet Safety - July 2015
Having pets teaches more than just responsibility - April 2015
Kids with pets more likely to avoid eating meat - July 2014
Deborah Tanzer LTE of New York Daily News - May 2014
Do You Really Know the Side Effects - March 2013
5 Ways Thieves Could Steal Your Dog - January 2013
Does Your Senior Dog Need a Cart but You Can't Afford it? - November 2012 the facts about vegetarian cats and dogs - May 2012
(AU) Vegan pet food triggers meaty debate - May 2012
Friends With Benefits - April 2012
Pets Eating Downed Animals - Sept 2011
More Owners Are Making Their Dogs Go Vegan - Sept 2011
Inspiring Video about Pitbulls - April 2011
A quarter of dogs left alone for too long: study - March 2011
Canine Obesity
Vegan Pets
Removing Fleas from Pets with Garlic
How to Rescue Orphaned Kittens
Cities ban pet store animals - June 2010
Rusty's Chains (a case for euthanasia)
Buy One, Kill One for Free - PETA message/advertisement
Euthanasia Facts
Dietrich and Eva von Haugwitz inspire anti-chaining fund
Why I'm Ashamed to Be a Vet
Vet Release Form
Future of No Kill -- Behind every revolution is a statement of grievances.  - Vegetarian Pet Foods
Shelter Noise -- Constant Barking Causes Behavior Changes In Dogs In Shelters : Puppy Mill Auction
Dumb Excuses for Dumping Pets - April 2007
Laurie Rosin's Cat - Declawed by amateurs. March 2007
Normal Day -- June 2006. A Normal Day at the Shelter. By Ty Phillips.
Pet Population-video -- 2006. "This is Goodbye": Powerful video.
The Brokenhearted -- What becomes of the four-legged brokenhearted?
Vets Wont Say - 2005. 10 Things Your Veterinarian Won't Tell You, by Barron
Financial Help -- USA orgs that offer financial assistance for pet owners.
Finding Lost Pets -- 12 Steps for Finding Lost Pets
Finding Lost Pets -- How to Provide Recovery Tips That Save Lives.
Radio 4 Dogs -- Online radio station for dogs.
Got Fleas? -- By Nell Liquorman, Author of Keep Fleas Off.
Saving Summer Pets -- Pet Detective of the Hamptons.
Outwit Bugs -- 10 Ways to Outwit Wildlife and Battle Bugs Without Chemicals.

PetAirways: 'Creatures Only' in the Main Cabin - April 2009
Advice on Traveling with Pets - June 2008
Dog-Friendly Travel - July 2008 - a Pet Only Airline. Pets fly in the main cabin
Pet Travel -- Basic information on domestic & international travel of animals.
Pets On Planes -- link to information on airlines that allow pets.
Pet Air Travel -- with links to other useful websites.
Pet Travel -- Travel agencies that know where pets can stay.

Hang on Wall -- Christmas Puppies For Sale.
Letter From Pet -- Dear Mom and Dad, I died today. You tired of me & took me to the shelter...
Euthanized Quantity -- The number of pets euthanized in one county annually.
Euthanasia -- Euthanizing Thousands of Animals a Year Takes a Toll on Shelter Workers.
On Death Row -- I am writing this letter to you from Death Row, on this day, the last of my life.
Last Will -- Last Will & Testament of a Family Pet by E. O'Neill (1st American to win Nobel Prize for literature).
Birth Miracles -- Showing "Jr." the miracles of birth. Funny and sad.
Commit -- Funny, poignant.
Give Aways -- Giving Away Pets. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Average Idiot, ...
Adoption -- Questions to ask yourself before you adopt a pet.
Destined for death -- Special Report: Animals destined for death by Kathleen Laufenberg.
Dr. Sabina -- No Kill -- No Other Solution says Dr. Sabina De Giacomo.
Pet Trade -- 20 Good Reasons Not to Support the Pet Trade by Coordinating Animal Welfare.
Spaying -- The Ten WORST Excuse's Not to Spay or Neuter a "Pet".
The Answer -- You Are The Answer -- a poem.
Pet Diet -- The facts about meat-based and vegetarian cat and dog diets.
Vegan Dog Food -- new product, April 2006.
Meat for Pet -- Jan. 2006. The beef over pet food.

Dog Bite Prevention - May 2014
Citizens Against Puppy Mills - June 2012
Dogs Are Our Best Friends! Are We Theirs? - Dec 2011
Pit Bulls: Scoring better than 121 other breeds in temperament are gentle dogs - June 2011
     A perspective against Pit Bulls: About Pit Bulls
           Pit Bull Essay Rebuttal
Out of the Box - Dog Training Game
Is a Vegetarian Diet Safe for My Dog? - August 2010
Train Don't Chain
Tick Removal - Info on leaving dogs in hot cars
The Lady is a Champ -- and a Horse-Killer, Too - U.S. Dog Show
Dogs In Danger - web site - Feb 2008
You tube - Saved Dogs
Dogs Deserve Better Video - Jan 08
Finding lost dogs -- Story with good advice for anyone trying to find a lost dog.
When Dogs Fly - travel
Re: John Barnes Doggie U Dog Trainer - May 2007
Teach Dog Tricks -- March 2006. Good dog! Why tricks are worth teaching.
What to do if your dog is choking - tips
Ten Little-Known Facts About Dogs - humor
Dog Biting -- How To Prevent Your Dog From Biting Someone.
Hot Car Flyer -- "Don't Leave Me in Here - It's Hot!" - Hot Car Flyer.
Best friend -- Dogs Often Care for Humans Better than Humans Care for Dogs, by Joel Freedman.
Mean Streets Images -- "Compassion for Camden".  The misery created when dogs don't have happy homes.
Help Chained Dogs -- Ways to Help Chained Dogs. A series of articles.
     Chaining VA -- Activists unchain animal issues in Virginia, USA.
Backyard Dog -- The True Story of Donovan.
Outside Dogs -- What are they?
Angry Vet -- A Vet Gone to the Dogs Speech presented to the Montreal Rotary Club by C. Danten.
Dog's Prayer -- by Beth Norman Harris.

For Cat Owners -- HSUS articles.


Parrots -- Caring for Pet Birds.
Parrot's Bill of Rights -- A PARROT'S BILL OF RIGHTS by S. A. Metz, M.D.
Wild Birds

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig Adoptions, U.S.


Mice -- All about Mice.


The Horse Listener

Prayer to St. Francis
Warning: Graphic images of abused pets
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