Good and Bad Examples of No-Kill Shelter Management

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25 creative ways to help animal shelters

How to Organize a Shelter Drive

No Kill Resolution

Defining "No Kill" - Bound Angels provides a service to shelters, humane societies and rescue organizations that no one else does. The have proven, logical solutions and life saving tools that save the lives of shelter pets. These programs are available free of charge to shelters and humane organizations throughout the US. Their programs range from online training, books, educational and dissemination campaigns as well as hands-on canine behavior training and temperament testing. All of their programs have been tested and proven successful in large city shelter systems as well as small humane societies.

Winograd - PeTA Controvery Continues - June 2012

New video on shelter killing and the No-Kill movement - July 2016

Nathan J. Winograd On Reforming Animal Shelters - Sept 2013

From Nathan Winograd: No Kill is Cost Effective - April 2012
     The Economic Benefits of No Kill Animal Control

Handling Felines in the Shelter so they Look and Feel Their Best. An excellent video by Alley Cats Allies for cat rescuers and anyone else to learn about feral/stray cats.

Rise, Sleeping Giant - Nov 2011

Building a No Kill Community - April 2011

Shelter Walkers - March 2011

Almost Home - March 2011

Just One Dog - March 2011

Last Day Dream - March 2011

The Last Dream of a Shelter Dog - Feb 2011

Dog kissing owner as he is left at the shelter

Rehabilitating Fighting Dogs is Dangerous to Children

Why Shelters Say 'No' to Rescue Groups, and Why It Has to Stop

No Kill Primer

Ad for Building a No-Kill Community Workshop - Feb 2011

No Kill Shelters - Defined - January 2011

No-Kill Advocate 2011-1 - January 2011

Irreconcilable Differences

What is the Problem with the No-Kill Movement

From Nathan J. Winograd, May 2010

No Kill History in San Francisco

Reno - No-Kill City

2009 No-kill Conference

They Shoot Dogs - Don't They?

Why PETA Euthanizes - Ingrid Newkirk

We Must Decrease Animal Populations - Response - David Irving

Nathan Winograd vs. PETA

 T.A.R.A. - Spay and Neuter - Nov 2010

A Paradigm Shift to Reduce Shelter Kill Rates - November 2008

L.A.'s Animal Services general manager in the doghouse - September 2008

Los Angeles Animal Shelter - a bad example - September 2008

Nathan Winograd's '08 Tour Ending Messages - May 2008

Preventing Animal Abuse - November 2007

Kill-No-Kill Debate - Response - Dec 2007

Kill versus No-kill - November 2007

Not Killing Pets Must Be Our Goal - November 2007

No-Kill Lifesaving Matrix - October 2007

Answering No-Kill Questions - August 2007

No kill enews.pdf  - volume 3, June 2007

No Kill Advocate Issue #2 for 2007

A Dirty Little Secret - Temperament Testing

No Kill News.pdf file - January 2007

No Kill Sheltering - January 2007

Watch Nathan Winograd's appearance on Rescue Roundtable:
Show people who breed, buy from breeders, and/or dump their companion animals.

Shelter Tour

15 No-brainers for No-kill shelters

A Call for Regime Change

Converting to a No-Kill Shelter -- By Nathan Winograd

Going No-Kill -- By Nathan Winograd

It Takes a Community -- By Nathan Winograd

Stop the Killing -- By Nathan Winograd

NathanWinograd -- Interview with Claudette Vaughn, Abolitionist-Online

Older Pets .pdf

Saving Dogs in Shelters .pdf

Starting a Foster Care Program .pdf

Big Dogs and Shy Cats .pdf

Building a No-Kill Community .pdf

The No Kill Advocate E-Newsletter

The No Kill Advocate Issue #5 for 2007 is available by clicking here.

The No Kill Advocate is a free e-newsletter. In this issue:

The King of Redemptions. Over 50% of all stray dogs are redeemed at Washoe County Animal Services, and their stray cat redemption rate is six times that of most communities. Find out how they do it.

No Kill Conference. Come to the conference that has been called "a prerequisite for shelters and rescue groups serious about changing their communities to No Kill." Free and open to the public.

The Wild Life of the Feral Cat. The humane movement makes many assumptions about feral cats. But are those assumptions accurate?

Redemption. We interview our director about his new book, his national book tour, and what he sees as the Semmelweis Reflex in action.

No Kill Jobs. Combine your skills with your passion and help some really innovative shelters save lives.

And more...

The No Kill Advocate Issue #5 for 2007 is available by clicking here. (Pop-up blocker must be disabled. Otherwise go to and click on "The No Kill Advocate.")

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