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Updated the facts about vegetarian cats and dogs

MEDIA RELEASE 16 May, 2012

Updated the facts about vegetarian cats and dogs

Can cats safely go vegetarian? What about dogs? Is it natural? Are commercial meat-based diets natural? What are the health hazards, and how can they be avoided? Are there any health benefits?

I'm an experienced cat and dog veterinarian with a special interest in vegetarian companion animal diets. Following extensive research, including a review of the relevant biomedical literature, I've created this website to assist all who wish to gain a sounder understanding of the health and nutritional issues associated with meat-based and vegetarian companion animal diets. Included here are:

-- detailed summaries of the health and nutritional implications of feeding both meat-based and vegetarian companion animal diets;

-- advice on smoothly transitioning cats and dogs onto vegetarian diets;

-- advice on safeguarding the health of vegetarian animals -- particularly cats;

-- short summaries of all of the above (here and here);

-- links to suppliers of vegetarian pet foods and nutritional supplements.

I hope you enjoy my site. If you think this information deserves a wider audience, please consider distributing the flyer, leaflet or article. Thank you for visiting.

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- Diplomate, European College for Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine

- Fellow, Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics

- Spokesperson, Animals Count: a UK political party for people and animals

- Director, Animal Consultants International

-- author: The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments, Palgrave Macillan 2011 --


London, UK

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