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Removing Fleas from Pets with Garlic

I feel I need to share this info to avert future deaths/injuries from the poisons people are using on their companions to combat fleas.

Ms. Burke [see her story below] mentions a natural alternative to the toxic flea meds on the market--garlic. She specifically suggests garlic pills but warns not to give too much.

As someone who provides permanent sanctuary to abused, abandoned, special needs and ferals, I have a lot of experience with newborns, elderly and immune compromised animals. Fleas are opportunistic and can cause severe allergic reactions, anemia and death in sick animals.

A 100% safe, effective way to rid an animal of fleas [healthy or sick] is to give them a GARLIC BATH. I use store-bought CRUSHED garlic right from the jar. For tiny infants I toss a few tablespoons of garlic into a bowl, add a squirt of liquid dish soap and mix it together in warm water. I bathe the animal thoroughly working the mixture into the coat. After using another bowl to rinse the infant, I pat them dry, use a blow-dryer set on warm, and my guys come out smelling faintly of roasted garlic and NO MORE FLEAS. Applying the garlic topically, I believe, is the most effective treatment and has several advantages. No need to worry about the hassle of pills or possible toxicity. And the results are immediate and lasting on any animal, any age, any condition. "Dry" baths using garlic juice rubbed into the fur also work, but a wet bath is superior and preferable.

I hope this helps all those vexed with a problem which has a safe, inexpensive cure that's as close as your kitchen pantry.

PS -- Every flea that can, will be rushing to the animal's head. Make sure you have a flea comb ready to comb them into the water and treat their head with garlic as well.

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