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Pets allowed on some planes

NEW YORK (AP) - If you're flying somewhere and you want to bring a pet without putting it in cargo, you may be able to find an airline that will allow your animal into the cabin.

Many airlines permit small animals in carriers to fly beneath the seat ahead of you where you would normally stow your luggage. The website for Sherpa's Pet Trading Company has detailed information on pet policies for more than 100 airlines.

For example, according to the Sherpa website, AirTran allows dogs, cats and birds in the cabin for a $65 US one-way fee, as long as the weight of the animal and the carrier combined does not exceed 15  pounds (6.8 kilograms). The dimensions of the carrier must be no larger than 10-by-11-by-21 inches (about 25-by-28-by-53 centimetres) to fit.

US Airways charges $100 each way for transporting a pet in the cabin but requires that the animal be "harmless, inoffensive, odourless and require no attention during the flight." Frontier and Southwest airlines, however, are among those that do not permit pets in the cabin, unless they are service animals, according to Sherpa.

Sherpa also sells a line of pet carriers designed by its founder, Gayle Martz, a former flight attendant.

To check the list of airline policies regarding pets, or for other information about travelling by plane with pets, go to the Sherpa website at Under the "Links" tab, click "Travel links" and scroll down to the airline list. Be sure to double-check with airlines before booking to make sure polices have not changed.

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