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  Shelter provides home for abandoned parrots - British Columbia, Canada
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  Parrot confidential - video -
  Basic Care -- Internal organs, Do's and don'ts, After Your Death, Safety, Cages, Territory
  General -- Parrots Bill of Rights, Traveling with Parrots, Myths, Profiles, Lost parrots, Cat control
  Handling -- Body Language, Playing, Spring Behavior
  Food -- Feeding parrots, Nutrition, Treats, Vitamins
  Routine Care -- Annual exam, Getting a new parrot, Causes of stress
  Illnesses -- Sickness list, Dehydration, Feather picking
  Tropical Birds Forum -- Discussion forum
  Parrots' Right Blog - Life from a bird's point of view
  humor: Parrot learns baby talk - bird blog deals with issues in the Avian Welfare world


    Bird Whisperer - Michael Cox - February 2016
    Lonely parrots live less - May 2014
   The Lies Parrot Keepers Tell - January 2014
  The feather damaging Grey parrot: an analysis of its behaviour and needs - June 2013
  Questions to ask of potential fosterers
  Behavior Problems of Companion Parrots rev 09.doc.rtf
  Why the Caged Bird Does Not Sing - October 2011
  Unwanted Birds - An Increasing Problem - July 2009
  The Untold Story of where Exotic Birds come from - January 2009
  So, You Want a Parrot, Eh? - information on parrot ownership
  Three Articles on Parrot Body Language
  The "Business" of Rescue - October 2008
  Birds discarded as pets find home in sanctuary - Jan 08
  Adopting A Parrot - Jan 08
  Former Md. Firefighter Rescues Unwanted Parrots - Dec 07
  Bo- Cockatoo Story - August 2007
  Abandoned Parrots - July 2007
  Foster Parrots video - July 2007
  U.S. Endangers Mexican Parrots - February 2007
  Water park?s birds catch eye of AR group - September 2006
  Montana's Parrot & Exotic Bird Sanctuary - Montana's Parrot & Exotic Bird Sanctuary strives to create a safe haven for parrots & exotic birds.. (Butte)
  Two Parrots? -- If you think you need a companion bird for your bird, here's some things you should know.
  What Parrots Die From -- A list of things that Parrots Die From...compiled by Debbie Stahre
  Keeping Parrots as Pets -- What every potential parrot owner should know
  Make Your Bird Happy -- 10 Things You Can Do to Make Your Bird Happy
  Eileen McCarthy -- Freeing the Caged Bird
  Exotic Birds -- Exotic birds, owners often can't cope
  Bird Crisis -- Captive Birds: A Hidden Crisis
  Nature of Birds -- the human nature of birds
  Wild Parrots -- Wild Parrot Trade
  Breeding Parrots -- Factory Farming of parrots isn't so easy
  Bird in Road -- short essay
  Sparrow That Fell -- short story by Anna Fuller
  Escaped Birds -- Capturing Escaped Parrots by Louise Bauck
  Daily Life With Your Parrot -- article by Robert Mabrito
  Parrots on Vacation -- Vacation Planning With Parrots in Mind
  Why Parrots Lose -- Why Do Some Baby Parrots Lose Their Homes?
  Egg Laying
  Parrot Myths 
  Cage Territoriality --
  Dealing With a Growing Conure; the Terrible 2's --
  Parrot Change, Is it Really so Dangerous? --
  Spring Behavior--Ouch --
  Playing with Parrots --
  Average Bird Weights
  Longevity of companion birds 
  Relative noise level of companion birds
  Feeding Our Parrots Well
  Nutrition And Diet For Parrots
  7 Layer Salad
  Vitamin A and your Bird
  The Routine Avian Examination
  Annual Bird Exam
  Avian Health Care Tips
  Toxic Plants
  Feathers Tell All
  Causes of Stress
  Sickness List
  Bird bleeding
  Egg binding


  Books -- about parrots
  First Aid pdf Adobe Acrobat file, Guide to Birdie Health, 35 pages. Download or view online.
  Bird First Aid.pdf

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