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(CH) Hold That Bone: More Owners Are Making Their Dogs Go Vegan

GENEVA -- Add together 3,160 g of cooked chickpeas, 83 g of tofu, 27 g of textured vegetable proteins, 30 g of baking soda, 21 g of oil and a dash of salt. Is this the latest recipe for a miracle detox diet or a way to avoid this winter's flu bug? Try again! But first add just 25 g more of the secret ingredient, Vegedog 1 (a mix of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids), and you'll get a three-day vegan meal for man's best friend: his dog.

Though still far from common, more and more vegetarians (people who don't eat meat) and vegans (those who don't eat any animal product) are deciding to impose their eating habits on their animals. On specialized forums, many of them say they are disgusted by the idea of buying meat-based food for their cats or dogs. They share recipes for homemade pet food or names of websites selling veggie biscuits and give one another advice for a smooth transition.

At the head of the movement is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the U.S.-based animal-rights organization known for its "I'd Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur" campaign and its public stunts against celebrities. But behind the usual claims, the association also wants to blow the whistle on the other ingredients contained in these products, from antibiotics and pesticides to meat coming from sick animals. Giving only vegetarian food to your pet would make it healthier and live longer. This way of life would be particularly suitable for dogs, which are technically omnivorous. Cats, however, are carnivorous.

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