What is "Dogtravel"? You won't find it in the dictionary yet, but Dogtravel is the name of a revolutionary new company AND it defines a new, empowering, dog-friendly lifestyle--one where your canine companion is right by your side when you travel!

How many times has it torn you up to leave your canine best friend at home or in a kennel while you went on vacation or a business trip because you did not want to subject him or her to the cargo bay of an airliner?

Those days will soon be gone as Dogtravel Company-- LLC, the world's first member-based, dogtravel company, introduces you to an exciting world of dog-friendly trips, accommodations, vacation packages, products, services, and expert information that will make it easier to bring your dog on your next adventure--and have him or her right next to you in the cabin of the airliner or the railcar of the train.  No longer will you have to worry about your dog with the dog sitter or the kennel staff. All size dogs are welcome! Those who subscribe to this liberating lifestyle are fondly called "dogtravelers."

For an annual membership fee of only $49.95 (only $35.95 now until 12/31/07 with promo code PD2X87A) for one human and one dog, you get:

    Special pricing on an ever-growing list of in-cabin flights, in-car train excursions, on-board cruises, and vacation packages for dogs of all sizes and their owners--not available to the public

    Discounts on dog-friendly car rentals, hotels, resorts, B&Bs, rental properties, insurance

    Discounts on unique products and services

    Significant discount on Fido Friendly Magazine

    Enrollment in our PetPromise' Program--where contacts you designate are notified in the event of an life-threatening or ending emergency to care for your dogs  Click to see PetPromise Program

    Access to evolving online forums covering a variety of dog and travel topics

    Dogtravel Company's eNewsletter

    So much more

Many Dogtravel Company members recoup the cost of membership with the savings they receive on their first purchase.  Additional dogs can be added to your membership account for only $5/year while additional humans can be added for $10/year.  Click to see Member Benefits

Sit...stay...and join Roamin', our company's mascot, as you travel around this web site and plan your next trip with your dog(s). Fully exploring this site will be the first adventure for you and your dog. You will also want to visit the Dogtravel Company Store for great gifts for you, your dog(s), and your favorite dog lovers.

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