Unnatural World Of Killer Cats
The Evil of the Outdoor Cat, By Richard Conniff
If kitty must be outside, at least take these steps
There are too many cats in the U.K.
    The ethics of keeping a killer cat
    Worldwide Hatred Against Cats
9 leading causes of bird deaths in Canada
That Cuddly Kitty Is Deadlier Than You Think
Anti-Cat Campaign on TV show
Outdoor cats are prolific killers, study finds
No meat for me, please, I'm a strictly vegan cat
Trap, Neuter, and Release: Bad for Cats, Disaster for Birds
It's Catbirds vs. Cats--and the Cats Are Winning
Suburban birds have deadly stalker: your cat
Criminal Minds and Ecological Disasters
How to Care for an Outdoor Cat
How to Rescue Orphaned Kittens
Can Cats Be Healthy on a Vegan Diet?
Cat - Bird Confrontations
Save the planet: Get rid of your cat
On Cats and Birds
The Wisdom of Keeping Your Cat Indoors
Bringing An Outdoor Cat Inside
Keeping Cats Safe
Caring for Your Cat: The Top Ten Essentials
A Safe Cat Is a Happy Cat: And Your Cat Is Only Safe Indoors
Keep Your Cat Safe at Home: HSUS's Safe Cats Campaign
Cat FAQs -- FAQs about Domestic Cats
Cat Predation -- Statistics
Curtailing Your Cat -- Why Curtailing Your Cat Is for the Birds
Information on Managed Cat Colonies and TNR

Adobe PDF files

Keeping Cats Indoors.pdf -- How and why to keep your cat happy indoors
Cat Attitude.pdf -- Human Attitudes and Behavior Regarding Cats
Cat Guide.pdf -- Cats Indoors! An Educators Guide for Grades K-6
Cat Out In.pdf -- How to Make Your Outdoor Cat a Happy Indoor Cat
Coloring Page.pdf -- Coloring page to accompany the Educators Guide (above)
Vet5.pdf -- Color poster with a message from a vet

Powerpoint Presentations
Wildlife Impacts 8 Mb -- Cat Predation on Wildlife, "Managed" cat colonies, and better solutions
Conducting a Cats Indoors Campaign 6 Mb -- Conducting a "Cats Indoors!" campaign in your community
Trap Neuter Release Programs - The Reality 2 Mb -- Protecting Hawaii's Birds from domestic cats  2.8Mb

Cat scuba diving - video

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