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No dogs for sale? Cities ban pet store animals

No dogs for sale? Cities ban pet store animals
Hopefully, this trend will continue.  Please forward.  Thanks. 
June 08, 2010

Wouldn’t this be wonderful if it takes off all around the country?  More and more people are realizing that pet store animals come from puppy mills and live the most miserable lives possible.  Adopting a shelter/homeless pet could significantly stem the pet overpopulation problem.  I can’t even fathom what a day would feel like if the problem didn’t exist.  Article is good.

View article... http://www.msnbc. 37359894/ ns/health- pet_health

Here's part of the article, but click to read the rest:   

"Buying an adorable puppy or kitten at your local pet store may become a thing of the past, if more American cities join a small but growing movement to ban retail pet sales.

West Hollywood, Calif., became the latest city to put a leash on pet sales in February, when its city council unanimously approved an ordinance prohibiting sales of dogs and cats in retail stores. Albuquerque, N.M., and South Lake Tahoe, Calif., have also banned pet sales. Other cities in Florida, New Mexico, Missouri and elsewhere are considering similar bans on the sale of dogs and cats.

Animal advocates say pet store sales fuel the puppy mill industry, where dogs are bred and raised in cramped, unhealthy and inhumane conditions. They have similar concerns about "kitten factories," which are a smaller but growing problem. Efforts to crack down on animal mills have been hindered by limited enforcement resources, so ban proponents are shifting their focus from the supply side to the demand. Far better, they say, to adopt from a local shelter or buy directly from a reputable breeder..."

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