Through John Barnes negligence, I no longer have Daisy, an 11 year old dog that I raised from a puppy. I join Jennifer Wetmore l in issuing this warning before you or anyone you know decides to place an animal for boarding or behavioral training with a man named John Barnes, or his company "Doggie U".

On Friday, April 13th, 2007, our dogs, 11-year old Daisy and 7-year old Murphy were given to John Barnes for daycare and 1 nights boarding at around 7:30 in the morning. I explained that I would pick up the dogs the next day when I brought my new puppy in for puppy school.

We received a telephone call at 4:44 pm that day from John, saying that Daisy had escaped after one of his clients had opened the wrought-iron gate that enclosed the area that Daisy was freely roaming around in. He said that she had escaped at around 3:00 pm that afternoon, yet he did not call us until 4:44 pm to tell us she was gone. When we arrived at Doggie U at around 5:05 pm in two cars, John was in front exercising his dogs and refused to help us search for Daisy.. My daughter Megan drove off to look for Daisy and John told me that he did not have time to help us find Daisy. I pointed out that this was his responsibility and it was through his negligence that Daisy was lost. John used profanity and walked away. My wife and I drove off to look for the dog. When my daughter Megan Matthews drove up to Doggie U, after having already driven around several streets, calling Daisy's name, John threateningly dropped Murphy (who he was holding) in to the open window of the car Megan was driving and stated that we would no longer be a customer of his. He said that he would charge us for the crate that Daisy "destroyed" and for the cost of the daycare. This is not to mention that the weekend before, we had begun Puppy Preschool with John, and paid him in advance for 6 weeks of training, worth $75.00 which he refused to return. Megan told him that he needed a more secure area to house his dogs so a customer could not release them by simply opening the front gate At this point, John walked off, while Megan was in mid-sentence to go and tend to his other client's dogs who "could not be allowed to poop in their kennels" and he also had to go feed them since they were already an hour late on their feeding time.

We continued to search for Daisy until around 7:45 pm that night. At this point, Daisy had been gone for roughly 5 hours.

The next day, Saturday, April 14th, 2007, we distributed flyers throughout the area that Daisy had last been seen in. In total, we put up around 120 flyers. One of these flyers was taped to the wrought-iron gate from which Daisy had escaped from. We assumed that since Daisy had escaped from Doggie U, that the least Mr. Barnes could do (since he wasn't going to search for Daisy that day unless he had the time) was to keep this sign posted for his incoming clients in case they saw her on the road coming to his business. When we drove through the area later that day, at around 6:00 pm to check on flyers and see what areas were lacking flyers, we noticed that Mr. Barnes had taken down the one flyer on his property.

In addition to putting up flyers, we searched for her on foot and contacted the League City Animal Shelter. They said that Daisy was about the 4th or 5th dog that had escaped from Doggie. They further said that they had told Mr. Barnes numerous times to secure his property, but he wouldn't do it.

Daisy was seen on the grounds of Clear Lake Community Church and she, being terrified, would not come to the church worker who approached her. I began a daily search of the paths through the woods around the 60 acre church property, calling her with no success. Eventually, I did however see evidence of her paw prints and followed them. M daughter and I came upon her, called her, and she ran from us. This is unlike Daisy as when either Megan or I would calI her she would come. Knowing John's history, temper and previous history as I do now, it is conceivable that John beat her when she destroyed his crate and sent her into a state of shock.

The League City Animal Control installed a trap on church property and I have been checking it daily with no success. I think it likely, after the experience she has had with John Barnes, that she has starved because she will not let anyone close to her to feed her or inspect her tags. I understand that he has been visited by the Galveston County Health Department and cited for running a kennel without a license, having an excessive number of dogs on his property, and having dogs without the proper vaccinations or registration. I plan to file a civil suit in League City addressing his negligence in letting Daisy escape from his care. I also understand that his property is not zoned to operate a commercial business such as a kennel. I plan to contact Mark Linenschmidt of the zoning commission to pursue this issue further.

Quite simply, John Barnes should not be in any business caring for or associating with animals. I do not want what happened to our pets to happen to someone else's pet in the future.

Bob Matthews


He has hurt so many dogs - Davey, my rescue has a shattered leg that was so badly shattered by him that the vet wanted to amputate it - Davey is not his first victim I have since learned - he told me that the dog was vicious and came at him and so he had to throw him down and this is how his leg broke - Davey has no viciousness in him whatsoever, he then informed me that Davey needed to be euthanized - the vet he took Davey to, to get his leg fixed, Bay Area Veterinary Specialists on Fuqua was told "I saw some people throw this dog out of a car, I chased after them and asked them why they had thrown this dog out of the car - they said that he had eaten one of their chickens and that is why he was thrown out of a car" - can you get a more ridiculous story. John Barnes told me that when he took Davey to the vet, he did not want to tell the vet how Davey's leg was smashed because he did not want the vet to refuse to work on him, being that he is a vicious dog. The vet informed me that Davey is the sweetest dog and shows no sign of aggression towards people whatsoever. The vet has other dogs that have been brought in by John with broken bones with varying stories. Davey is with a wonderful foster but needs a home - I had him and Heidi (the other stray I have) boarded at Sea Dog Inn until John Barnes approached me and told me that he could help me with Davey's aggressiveness towards other dogs - my husband and I were unsure whether or not to allow Davey to spend the weekend with John Barnes at Doggie U University, being that we had heard awful stories about him, yet he is such a good salesman and did in fact have Davey playing with other dogs right in front of my eyes (Davey has been labeled as dog aggressive therefor making it difficult to get him adopted out) and so after a lengthy discussion, my husband and I agreed to leave Davey with John for the weekend. This was Saturday - Sunday I received the call from John Barnes telling me that Davey tried to attack him, that Davey was vicious and he needed to be euthanized. This is all hogwash!! I have since learned that this has happened to other dogs, that he was in fact sued and that a story was done on Channel 11 news - he tells the owners the same story - and the people who sued him have a link on a website - please read

that describes John's shocking training tactics as well as the fact that he has no credentials. This man must be stopped from hurting other dogs.


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