The historic website  is featured in next week's edition of People Magazine, on newsstands this Sunday, March 1st. People Magazine has 40 million readers, more than all the major television news networks combined.

After its launch a few months ago being reported by hundreds of television and newspaper reports, over 330 animal control agencies in the country now utilize it as a specialized "adoption portal" only for animal control shelters. WE URGE YOU to take a copy of People magazine to your local animal control agency shelter or municipal animal pound and demand that they register and start posting their dogs. After all, it is all free, and who can argue against saving lives and governmental monies !

Founded by the brother of Companion Animal Network Executive Director Garo Alexanian after a successful pilot website created by C.A.N. for NY City Animal Control, over 3,600 adoptions of dogs on death row have occurred through  in the few months it has been in existence.

Four servers have been placed online to handle the expected overwhelming public reaction. It is our way of telling the nation that SHELTER ANIMALS MUST BE GIVEN ADOPTION PRIORITY BY THE PUBLIC.

Thank you for being the voice of those who are dying every day because people are simply unaware that animals are being killed in their community due to people buying and breeding.

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