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The dog that shook the internet last night is safe

This brought such tears to my eyes again. This is what keeps us going.
   xooxox Candyce

In case anybody missed it - spread it around. Yes, pretty amazing and worth seeing and reading again. This image will be embedded in all our minds and should be the poster child for the future. It's why we work so hard.

Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 9:23 AM

Soleil, that is her new name - it means the Sun. This was the soulful picture that hit the web last night. It killed every person that saw it. She is safe now - and is on her way to a new life. She will be seen this morning by vets and then be on her journey to a new life and a new home. This picture will always be embedded in the minds of those that rescue. What she needs mostly is a lot of love, groceries and to rebuild the trust in her. This morning she gets out of MDAS - and her new life will begin. Whoever took this picture captured a great moment in the life of a shelter dog that is for sure - this embodies not only this dog but all the dogs of any shelter - the loss of hope - we must work hard to give them hope - and life.

Palena Dorsey
Sanctuary Animal Refuge

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