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Vegetarian & Environmental Links

Vegetarian Links

If you want more information about vegetarianism here is a list of links that you might find helpful. Please e-mail me if you have a vegetarian, animal rights or enviro friendly page and tell me the address so I can add it to this list! - vegetarian blog/vlog

The Vegetarian Pages- this is the best source of information! Visit it first!
New Veg- great site with lots of info...a must see!
Veggies Unite!- recipes, bulletin boards, info..  
Jesus Online- all about how Jesus was a vegetarian!
Culinary Schools - Culinary Resources for Vegetarianism

Vegetarians On The Web

If you are a veggie and have a homepage e-mail me with the URL and i'll add a link to it here :)

Cyberphreak's Vegetarian Page - very good site.
Compassion's Page
Veggie Cat's Homepage
Anna's Environmental Homepage - excellent.. have to see this!
Ladet's Homepage
East Air's Homepage - great site!
tHe WiLd AnD cRaZy VeGeTaRiAn'S pAgE!! - nice site.
Jen's Veggie Page
The Teen Vegetarian's Page
Jim's world of enlightenment- Lots of info about how Jesus was a vegetarian!!

Animal Rights/Environmental Links

Here is a list of links which you may find informative and interesting.
Rabbit Information Service - MUST SEE! Stop the use of deadly viruses as biological controls.
Animal Resource Sight
PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals)
People for Animal Rights of CNY 
One world, together, for tomorrow- very nice site!!
Earth Share
Macaw Landing Foundation Save the macaws! A nice site.

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