Sexy Vegetarians

    Below is a list from PETA's website of famous vegetarians.  The list is obviously not complete. Missing are, for example, singer Damon Albarn (Blur), actor Linus Roache ("The Wings of the Dove"), and many others. 
    I guess PETA only lists "sexy" vegetarians (by whose standards, I don't know).   If the "famous people" population is a representation of the general population then our numbers are definitely growing. PETA is exploiting America’s obsession with “celebrities” to try to make vegetarianism “sexy” or “cool”.  And this might be working because not long ago vegetarians were considered weirdoes. There will come a day when meat-eaters will be considered weirdoes.
      P.S. Bjork, to my surprise, is NOT vegetarian. An interviewer once specifically asked her whether or not she eats meat and she said yes.

    Still her video “Human Behavior”, where a bear beats up a hunter is great.    Michael Stipe of REM is a big question mark. Singer Evan Dando (The Lemonheads) might be vegetarian (does anyone know?). Cameron Diaz stated on Jay Leno that she does not eat pigs for ethical reasons.  I think she is on her way to becoming vegetarian.  I wish there was a way to send her "Why Vegan" booklet.

-------from PETA's website:---------------

Anthony Peeler
Thora Birch
Mos Def
Rachael Leigh Cook
Dre (OutKast)
Angela Bassett
Milo Ventimiglia
Natalie Portman
John Salley
Shiri Appleby
Kevin Eubanks (*eats fish)
Casey Affleck
Lauren Bush
Tobey Maguire
Kim Hefner
Woody Harrelson (*he even made a point of it when he was a guest on
"Will and Grace")
Emmylou Harris
Don Imus
Charlotte Ross
Gavin Rossdale (Bush)
Alicia Silverstone
Christian Bale
Drew Barrymore
Ian McKellen
Pamela Anderson
Jude Law
Christy Turlington
Thom Yorke (Radiohead)
Traci Bingham
John Feldmann (Goldfinger)
Summer Phoenix
Chelsea Clinton
Keith Holmes
Persia White
Joaquin Phoenix
Martina Navratilova
Alec Baldwin
David Duchovny 
Shania Twain
Rivers Cuomo (Weezer) 
Fiona Apple 
Ryder Strong 
Kim Basinger
Todd Oldham 
Elizabeth Berkley
Jennie Garth
Bridgette Bardot
Stella McCartney
Sheryl Lee
Liv Tyler
Chrissie Hynde