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Animal Flesh Is a Drug

Meat is an addictive substance. Its pre-urine in muscle cells would have been excreted had the animal not been murdered. This pre-urine or uric acid is trioxypurine, more harmful than caffein, dioxypurine. Trioxypurine gathers around the joints crystallized as needle pointed molecules which cause the pain of arthritis, something the Arthritis Foundation never tells people. It used to be said that only kings could eat enough flesh to get gout which is arthritis of toes.

Carnivores have 5 times the kidney size per lb. that frugivorous (fruiteating) humans have. Every extra cubic centimeter of uric acid in the body shortens life.

Uric acid, a semisolid compound, C5H4N4O3, that is a nitrogenous end product of protein and purine metabolism and is the chief nitrogenous component of the urine in birds, terrestrial reptiles, and insects.

Alas died poor Yorick from eating too much acid uric

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