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Twenty-Seven Billion Too Many
Animals Killed For Food In The United States In 1998:

 Broiler Chickens 8,495,000,000
Layer Chickens 438,000,000
Turkeys 322,000,000
Ducks 25,400,000
Cows 41,300,000
Pigs 117,200,000
Sheep   4,700,000
Fish 17,400,000,000
Total Number of Animals 26,843,600,000

    These figures break down to 735,440 animals per day, 30,643 animals per hour, 510 animals per minute, and 8.5 animals per second slaughtered for food in the United States.
    This figure is estimated to increase by 3.1% in 1999. "Farm" animals account -for 97% of all animals killed each year in the U.S.
    The average American man, woman and child will eat more than 35 animals per year or 2,600 over a 75-year lifetime. This includes: 2,555 chickens and turkeys, 33 pigs, 12 cows .
    As many as 12% of chickens and 14% of pigs die of stress, injury, or diseases induced by the appalling conditions of today's factory farms.

 So tell me, are you vegan yet?


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