WHEN I put out my call for recommendations to help me go vegan, I mentioned where I most needed help: "Someone please tell me a good replacement for cheese--it's my downfall every time!!" Some folks gave me substitute cheese recommendations, while others gave me alternatives to cheese altogether, including mental images to associate with cheese to turn me off the stuff.

Metro reader Elaine recommends buying Galaxy Nutritional Foods cheeses at the Country Sun market in Palo Alto. Meanwhile, Caroline has both a brand recommendation (Follow Your Heart) and a recipe for a cheese sauce alternative with nutritional yeast as the primary ingredient.
Speaking of cheese replacement, vegans swear by the Uncheese Cookbook by Jo Stepaniak. Joe from New Jersey did have some cheese brands to recommend (Vegan Gourmet for regular cheeses and Soymage for a grated parmesan alternative), but his advice for getting busy in the kitchen was the Uncheese Cookbook. Noelle also eschews buying "fake" cheeses and whips up her own using the book.
Several readers above gave me practical recommendations, but also reminded me why I made this decision: to stop supporting inhumane industries. They reminded me about the veal industry, and how it is kept fully supplied by constantly pregnant dairy cows. Drawing a connection between rich, melted cheese and a baby cow in a small and filthy crate converts the image from rich to revolting.

So, thanks to those who have written with ideas, recommendations and encouragement. I'm past day 90 of this attempt at veganism, and this is the easiest try ever. In fact, I'd say I've gone way past "attempt" and simply "am" a vegan now!

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