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3 April, 2009

The Latest B-12 News

Many nutritionists, dieticians, and people having variations of alphabet soup after their names and calling themselves "doctor" generate entirely too much cash flow by testing their patients for B-12 deficiency and then prescribing MLM income-generating B-12 supplements which serve to benefit only the practitioner.

There is just one reliable B-12 deficiency test, and most "healers" do not use it. The Schilling test requires that the patient be injected with a dose of radioactive cobalt/B-12. Over the course of the next 24 hours, urine samples are collected and analyzed in a machine called a scintillation spectrometer.

A publication in the April, 2009 issue of a Greek journal (the Hellenic Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Apr;12(1):84- 6), reveals that the Schilling test, considered the "gold standard" of B-12 deficiency tests, has not been commercially available since 2003. The authors write:

"...restoration of Schilling test in the clinical setting is necessary for the etiological diagnosis of B(12) insufficiency at least until a new and better vitamin B(12) absorption test is approved."

Any carnivore who insists that Vitamin B-12 naturally is present in meat is telling an untruth.

Any cheese-eating vegetarian who relates that dairy products naturally contain B-12 is spreading a myth.

Any vegan who trusts that Vitamin B-12 is naturally found in some plants is technically being accurate. One can find B-12 in nutritional yeast and seaweed. For many years, vegan "experts" have claimed that these plant sources do not work in humans. New research suggests that these experts are wrong.

Vitamin B-12 is not naturally found in meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains, or legumes.

Animal foods do not naturally contains B12 because B-12 is a sign of filth. Little bugs. Microorganisms.

However, if you eat decaying meat or dairy, you will also ingest Vitamin B-12 as a result of bacterial digestive processes. These little bugs manufacture B-12 as their own waste products.

If you refrain from washing and peeling the tiny hairs at the ends of organically grown carrots, you will also take B-12 into your body.

The very best source for both hepatitis and B-12 can be found in clams.

Nutritionists claim that milk is a great source of B-12. Milk also causes anemia. See:

http://www.notmilk. com/i.html

People over age 60 are urged to drink milk to supplement a supposed B-12 deficiency. Many people over age 60 also are diagnosed with a common malady, anemia. The Schilling test is used to confirm pernicious anemia in adults due to the deficiency or malabsorption of Vitamin B-12.

Robert Cohen
http://www.notmilk. com

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