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We civilized humans are obsessed with doing. The tendency to constantly be doing and changing the things around us is so habitual, ways of doing which ultimately harm a cause create a better impression on us simply for the reason something is being done.

Taoism (pronounced "dow-izm") teaches of a philosophy called Wei Wu Wei meaning "doing without doing." This philosophy is exemplified in the verses of the Tao Te Ching ("Dow-day-jing") here translated by Stephen Mitchell:


For someone who cares deeply of the plight of animals, to vote or be against any measure which seeks to offer birds more space in their cages or space to roam would seem counterintuitive. However, this  individual who truly cares for the plight of animals, who takes animal rights seriously would no doubt think through the implications of such reactions. An animal advocate should be critical of welfarism in the same way so many consumers were opposed to the antibacterial craze when antibacterial products were so good at killing bacteria, they drastically disrupted our body's ability to cleanse and strengthen our immunity in the absence of antibacterial products. The very act of doing inflated the original problem.

So an animal advocate should say "if this would cause animals to have roomier cages, what else would it do? What difference would this really make?" They should also wonder if legislation really does do what it appears to do or if it's a manner of fancy wording. They should wonder what those resources could otherwise be doing and how a change would impact the public. Despite these warnings, consumers are now observing the failure of welfarism today. Movements originally meant to respond to the suffering of animals on farms are now being exploited to sell the parts of animals who are still slaughtered, genetically manipulated, and raised as property as "better" versions of cruelty.


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