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Veganism is for the Birds

Friday, January 11th

Veganism is for the Birds with Jasmin Singer and Marisa Miller Wolfson

7 - 9 pm
242 E. 53 Street, 3rd floor
New York, NY

Vegan educators Jasmin Singer and Marisa Miller Wolfson are delighted to collaborate again in this celebration of birds that honk, waddle, gobble, and quack.

Topics will include the hows and whys of vegan living, from the protein myth to navigating NYC's green restaurant scene. At this unconventional workshop, prizes will be flung and soy will be served!

The quirky vegan duo who brought you Veganism 101 (named a Village Voice Choice), are back with more chicks -- I mean, tricks!--up their sleeve.

"Veganism is for the Birds" is a fun, interactive workshop that's perfect for you if you:

are curious (or skeptical) about veganism

think tofurky is a skin disease

feel a little chicken about giving up chicken

(are slightly offended by the false stereotype portrayed in the last phrase)


want to serve your holiday meal with a side of peace and carrots

Jasmin Singer:

is the NYC outreach coordinator for Farm Sanctuary, the nation's leading farm animal protection organization. As a writer, she has been published in Satya and VegNews.
Visit her site here

Marisa Miller Wolfson:

is the outreach coordinator for Global Green Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to educating people about healthy, eco-friendly, humane living. She is in post-production for her first feature-length documentary about veganism entitled "Glass Walls".

Admission is free to members; $5 for all others.

Please rsvp

New York Bird Club

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-- SHAC leader Kevin Kjonaas, at the Animal Rights 2002 convention


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