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Vegan Resource Material - 2011
Excellent Resource -- (Animal Rights/Vegan) Image / Campaign Material Source

High-Res pics and some brilliant campaign material

Latest additions:

Dead pig, Photos taken on Christmas Eve, 24th December 2009

Intensive farming -- pigs

"If this is a dream, please wake me up now" (Vegan) 20-part A3 poster series, as PDF

"Chicks, chicks, chicks -- there is no life after death" -- 1 pack of chicken nuggets for unbeatable EUR 3.99

 The section "Doku", "Fotos & Bildmaterial" contains high-res images of

  1. Slaughter, live transport
  2. Intensive farming: pigs
  3. Intensive farming: cattle
  4. Intensive farming: poultry
  5. Farming: sheep, goats, game
  6. Fur farms
  7. Divers: bees, circuses, buildings, animal products, etc.

Slaughter -- cattle

Slaughter -- pigs  (slaughter of organically raised pigs)

Slaughter -- poultry

Dead chicks

Dead pigs and piglets / dead and downer pigs


Slaughterhouse waste -- from sheep

The section "Material" contains articles, flyers, banners, etc.

The Flyers/Posters are excellent. Some of these I can change to contain English text; let me know.


The section "Projects" contains only material in German, sadly, despite English titles like "Think_Baby-think" �

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