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Vegetarian Food, Cosmetics & Body Care Products Alert Newsletter Issue II
by the Vegetarian Research Organization Second Edition

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Cruelty Free, and No Animal Testing Does Not Mean Animal Ingredients-Free

An important point is that there is no law that requires that animal testing be used to confirm that cosmetics and household products are safe to use.

It is not unusual that companies use the term "cruelty-free" on their product even though they are far from it. A goal of this newsletter is to expose these companies by name and products. If you know of any such companies email us at (don't worry we will not mention you by name).

Many of the products that you find in major supermarkets and department stores are tested on animals and contain animal ingredients. Also just because a product is sold in a health food store does not mean that it is cruelty free or free of artificial, harmful ingredients. Also many companies list a product as not tested on animals but the individual ingredient have been tested on animal, but of course they do not tell you that.

Also some natural companies are subsidiaries of major companies that see nothing wrong with animal testing and actively engage in it. Because a product is listed as being Vegan does not mean that it has not been tested on animals. Vegan is a term that is used to indicate that no the product does not contain any animal derived ingredients (including milk or wool).

Just because companies says their products are Cruelty-Free and that they do not test their products or purchase their ingredients from companies that do test on animals does not even in the slightest guarantee that they are actually Cruelty-Free. The reason for this is that the products may contain animal-derived ingredients which causes animals to die. Of course the fact that a company does not test on animals is a good thing.

CCIC Cosmetic & Body Care Companies List That Don't Test on Animals

The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics ( has a list of companies that make cosmetics, personal care and household products who have signed an agreement that they will not engage in Animal Testing of their products or purchase ingredients from companies that engage in Animal Testing.

You can view and print out for free their handy Compassionate Shopping Guide at ( Companies that have agreed to the conditions of the CCIC can display their "leaping bunny" on their products.

Formed in 1996, CCIC is comprised of these leading national animal protection groups:
American Anti-Vivisection Society
American Humane Association
Animal Protection Institute
Beauty Without Cruelty, U.S.A.
Doris Day Animal League
The Humane Society of the United States
New England Anti-Vivisection Society

Vegan Action's List of Certified Vegan Products

Vegan Action ( issues a Certified Logo for products (mainly food items) that have proven to them that they are totally Vegan and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients and do not engage in animal testing. You can find a list of the companies that use their logo

PETA List of Companies That Don't Test On Animals

PETA has compiled an excellent list of companies and charities that do not test their products on animals. They also have a list of companies and charities that do test on animals.

The American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS) (

have a list of companies that do not test on animal Click Here to see their list.

CORRECTION: In the previous newsletter I incorrectly stated that Smuckers Brown Cow and Knudsen Juices were owned by incorrect companies. Actually Brown Cow is owned by Stonyfield & Partially owned by Danone and Knudsen is owned by Smuckers. Sorry for this mistake.

Also please note that changes of ownership is not necessarily a bad thing, but I am mainly pointing it out to indicate that even the most well-meaning company may suddenly change its policies because of change of ownership.

I talked to the former owner of Fantastic Foods who helps compile the cheese site listed below and he told me that the new owners of Fantastic Foods also have the highest standard of vegetarian integrity as he has.

Major Natural Products Vegetarian Companies Acquired by Major Multi-National Companies
(Body Shop & Tom's of Maine)

Two major makers of cruelty-free products �the Body Shop and Tom's of Maine � have been acquired by major multination companies. The Body Shop was purchased by L'Oreal and Tom's of Maine was purchased by Colgate. Colgate is one company that has shown little regard whether their products are animal-free so you definitely would want to look at how these companies develop in the future.

Both of these companies have pledged to keep up their policies of not using animal-testing and that their products will remain cruelty-free. Tom's of Maine's products do not contain any animal ingredients and do not contain artificial preservatives, sweeteners or dyes.

Oscar Mayer own Boca Foods, who make vegetarian burgers and other vegetarian products.
ConAgra owns mock-meat maker LightLife.

Dean Foods, the dairy products company, now owns White Wave, which makes Silk Soy Milk and other non-dairy products.

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Vegetarian & Animal Ingredients in Soaps in USA

Please note that in the near future we will be publishing a list of many soaps that are totally free of animal ingredients.

Soap That Contain Beef Tallow
� Cress - bar soaps (Unilever)
� Dove - bar soaps (Unilever)
� Fabric softeners (Unilever)
� Lever 2000 - bar soaps (Unilever)
� Palmolive (Colgate-Palmolive)
� Cashmere Bouquet Beauty Bar (Colgate-Palmolive)
� Irish Spring Soap (all of them) (Colgate-Palmolive)
� Vel Mild Skin Care Bar (Colgate-Palmolive)
� High Endurance - (Old Spice) (Generally Old Spice bar soaps use beef in this product but if it is not available then they will use pork in it. (1-800-925-0635))
May Be From Beef or Pork (hides or bones) Or Coconut or Palm Kernel Oil
� Noxzema (Procter and Gamble)
� Olay (Procter and Gamble)
� Ivory (Procter and Gamble)
� Zest (Procter and Gamble)

St. Ives soaps
Basically all St. Ives soaps may contain animal ingredients made from beef or pork or they can be derived from coconut or palm kernel oil, but as they company does not declare what they contain you can not be sure whether they contain animal ingredient. There St Ives soaps are not recommended for use by vegetarians.

Jergens Products
Most of the Jergens products contain some animal by-products and for the most part you should assume all of them do. For more information you can contact JERGENS at 800-742-8798.

Does Not Use Animal Products
� Speed Stick Gel Colgate-Palmolive
� Lady Speed Stick Gel Colgate-Palmolive
Uses Synthetic Glycerin
� Cress body wash (Unilever)
� Dove Ultra Moisturizing body wash (Unilever)
� Lever 2000 body wash (Unilever)

Toothpaste Ingredients that Contain and Do Not Contain Animal Ingredients
A major point to understand in reference to toothpastes is that glycerin can come from pig or cow in addition to plants.

Crest says they will be going to use glycerin from a vegetarian source in the future, which means that it is made from animal ingredient right now.
Sensodyne uses animal (beef).

Colgate has a list of the toothpastes that they make which are vegetarian. Click Here to view the letter from Colgate listing the toothpaste product they produce made with vegetarian ingredients. Letter from Colgate

All Colgate Toothbrushes are free of any animal-derived ingredient. It is a good idea to be very careful of supposed natural bristle toothbrush and natural often means they use the hair of pigs and boars.

Kraft Cheese and the Official Letter They Send Out About Their Cheeses

After I sent out the last newsletter, a strict vegetarian wrote me to point out that she had received a letter from Kraft stating that most of the rennet that they used in their cheeses came from a vegetarian source and they mentioned some of the cheeses that they manufactured which the rennet was derived from a meat sources and some that the rennet was derived from a vegetarian source. I was requested to state this in my next newsletter so that vegetarian eating Kraft Cheese would not feel bad eating other cheeses than the ones that I listed in the newsletter that I sent out as acceptable. VIEW READER'S LETTER.

I then wrote Kraft to get the same letter that she had received which if not carefully read would indicate that most of the cheeses they produced did not contain any meat ingredients. VIEW LETTER.

I then called Kraft and talked to a company representative and directly asked, "which of the cheese products that you make can you guarantee me do not contain any animal products." I was then told on the phone that only the cheeses that they listed in the letter as vegetarian were guaranteed to be vegetarian and that they would not guarantee any other cheeses because even though many of the cheeses would usually use a vegetarian rennet that this was not always so and therefore they could not guarantee that the cheeses were vegetarian.

Also the enzymes used to make cheese is not the only non-vegetarian items that can be put in cheese as other substances are often added to give cheese a particular favor and color, which are derived from a meat-based source.

I have talked to many companies over the years as I am sure many readers of this newsletter have and have often been given answers that were difficult to understand exactly what was being said and after repeating my standard question "Does this product contain any meat, fish or egg products?" Regardless of what they say unless it is yes or no, I repeat the question that this is a YES or NO question . "Can you guarantee that this products does not contain any meat byproducts, Yes or No?" They may say "Most of our products are vegetarian." I then answer yes I know you said that, but is the product that I am asking you about free of any animal products, Yes or No?"

Vegetarian Cheese List (

his is a highly recommended site to check out vegetarian cheeses. They have a list of vegetarian cheeses by brand and type of cheese. They clearly list which cheeses by brand contain animal rennet and which do not. It is updated regularly. The people who do this site are really nice, spiritual people.

European E-Numbers to be careful of
E-120 Carmine (beetles)
E-470a, b
E-472a, b,
c, d, e, f

E-Numbers Food Additives
100-180 Colors
200-252 Preservatives
260-297 Acidities
300-385 Antioxidant
400-429 Thickeners
430-499 Emulsifiers
620-640 Flavor Enhancer
950-967 Sweeteners

These Ingredient are normally made from Vegetarian Products
Acetic Acid
Ammonium chloride
Ammonium Sulphate
Ascorbic Acid
Benzoate/Benzoic Acid
Calcium Carbonate
Calcium Sulphate
Cocoa Butter
Corn Meal
Corn Starch
Corn Syrup
Dicalcium phosphate
Ferrous Sulphate
Fungal Protease Enzyme,
Gum Acacia
Hydrogenated Oil
Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
Malto Dextrin
Hydrogenated oil
Molasses (at the present time most molasses is processed with vegetarian products)
Monocalcium Phosphate
Mono Saccharides
MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)
Nonfat Dry Milk
Oxalic Acid
Partially Hydrogenated oil
Pectic Materials
Phosphoric Acid
Potassium Benzoate
Potassium Citrate
Propionic Acid
Soy protein
Soybean Oil
Tricalcium Phosphate

These Ingredient are Vegetarian
Soybean lecithin
Vegetable lecithin
Vegetable shortening
Vegetable mono and diglyceriders
Vegetable enzymes or rennet

May be Derived from Either a Vegetarian or Animal Source
Fatty Acid
Glycerol /Glycerine
Shortening (usually Plant but can be animal)
Whey (Sometimes it is vegetarian but sometimes it is made with animal rennet)

Check Out Our Detailed List of Ingredients That May Contain Meat By-Products

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