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Good Vegan Cheese Substitute

A Canadian company has developed an award-winning vegan alternative to cheese, and it's flying off the shelves.

Daiya has become quite the celebrity talking point, appearing on Oprah's show, the Ellen DeGeneres show, and now appearing at a store near you.

"It's pretty exciting," says brand manager Kristen Bourke. "It's not very often that a food product like this sort of sells itself. Usually you're fighting to get shelf space."

Vegans and dairy intolerant people have a difficult time finding cheese substitutes. The products on the market have a reputation for being chalky, not melting and generally behaving and tasting rather unlike the dairy equivalent. This was the concern of Andre Kroecher, a vegan from the North Shore, who founded the company.

full story: last+vegan+cheese+that+good/4064543/story.html

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