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Ignorant Educators Make Dietary Blunder

"Food is an important part of a balanced diet" - Fran Leibowitz

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has promoted a program in which low fat or no-fat milk has replaced whole milk in school systems in their futile effort to end the obesity epidemic among children.

In their ignorance, school regulators and USDA ignoramuses do not consider that low fat and high fat milk both naturally contain powerful growth hormones which stimulate triple-t growth (tummy, tush, and... well, that other t-word) growth in little girls and boys.

The most POWERFUL growth hormone in the human body (IGF-I) is identical to the most powerful growth hormone in the cow's body. Use of that hormone gets athletes banned from their sports, and that includes Olympians, triathletes, baseball players, and tennis players. Some athletes even serve jail sentences for lying about using that hormone use, yet, kids in school abuse it every day, as it is promoted as health food by USDA.

Exhibiting their collective weakness of logical neural function, USDA now promotes low fat milk, not reasoning that if the fat is removed, milk will contain proportionally more protein and therefore, more protein hormones. Duh! The May, 2011 issue of the Journal of Clinical Nutrition (vol. 93 no. 5 1117-1127) contains a study which measured milk consumption in 4-13 year olds in a series of random 24-week clinil trils.

Children drank either full-fat milk or low fat milk. The results surprised investigators who found no difference between the two groups in weight gain or weight loss.

The researchers conclude:

"Advice to parents to change to reduced-fat products was effective in reducing children's saturated fat intakes but did not alter energy intakes or measures of adiposity."

I sometimes wonder what would happen if the 500,000 Americans who are employed by USDA would suddenly lose their jobs. I suspect that Americans would become healthier...

Robert Cohen

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