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Chronic Pain Gone in 90 Days

Two-Good to be True

"The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain."
- Aristotle

The convincer. A new book by Dr. Dan Twogood: ***Chronic Pain Gone in 90 Days***

Do you have a loved one who has fibromyalgia, back pain, neck pain, or carpal tunnel syndrome?

I have known Dr. Daniel Twogood for sixteen years. Long before I had a clue about the adverse affects of milk and dairy consumption, Dr. Twogood had written a number of books about how he had identified a cure for pain that his chiropractic patients discovered after taking his advice to give up all dairy products.

Dr. Twogood compresses his brilliant career and experience into one 194-page book with case studies that will convince any pain sufferer that there is a simple cure: Notmilk!

While I was reaching my conclusions on the east coast, my friend Dan was reaching his on the west coast.

Page 38: Just Say No to Drugs

"All drugs are poison. "All drugs cause side effects. "Most people who take drugs don't need them.

Page 32: Don't Eat Gluten (Wheat)

"After casein, gluten is the most common food allergen

Page 36: Move Your Body a Lot

"Exercise: Experts will tell you there are right and wrong ways to exercise. I agree. "The right way - exercising the way you like. "The wrong way - not exercising.

Got headaches? See page 112. Got arthritis? See page 116. Got multiple sclerosis? See page 118.

On and on and on Dr. Twogood goes with illustrations if those pain-causing factors in the lives of humans.

His conclusions are convincing and designed to heal pain. How to purchase the book:

Dr. Twogood is available for consultations and lectures:


His email:

Robert Cohen

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