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What Happens When You Get to Six?

The answer can be found by watching the trailer of USDA's new Vitamin D-3 movie:

Last week, a female friend of mine had bone density tests taken, and the good news is that her mineral bone density has not changed in over two years.

The bad news is that her doctor is now suggesting to her that powerful medication must be injected to prevent bone loss, and that she must visit his office every two months for treatment. He is fueling my friend's worst fears with the Vitamin D-3 boogeyman.

Yesterday, this same friend went for blood work. Her physician ordered a test to measure her level of Vitamin D-3 and is suggesting (before getting the results) that she take additional D-3 supplements.

Why is her bone density the same after 2+ years? Because she eats a plant-based diet, and exercises by walking five miles each and every day. She also takes spin classes a few times each week, works out with weights, and also swims. Despite the good news regarding her bone density, her physician is testing for Vitamin D-3 levels because he has read that Vitamin D-3 is the key to maintaining health. Of course, she will test on the lower end of the scale as all of his patients do, and he will require her to make more office visits and will increase his cash flow and her psychological misery quotient. Doctors have a new tool with which to scare people. I call it the D-3 boogeyman, and it's coming to get you too.

It's a neat little scam based upon a rotten health care system which caters to cash flow first, and patient care second. The scam is given credibility by the betraying use of just two very powerful letters contained within the alphabet. Two letters which add respect and trust to an ignorant old fool's name:


A newly published Vitamin D-3 study is all the rage. It claims that women live longer when they take Vitamin D supplements. The media is widely reporting the study, and what is all the rage for them, and has gotten me enraged.

The study, published in the July, 2011 issue of the Cochrane Database was researched by a group of scientists at the esteemed University of Nis in Serbia.

The conclusion of the authors is that Vitamin D-3 supplementation for women who are over age seventy will result in one less death for every 161 cases.

The authors write: "Vitamin D in the form of vitamin D(3) seems to decrease mortality in predominantly elderly women who are mainly in institutions and dependent care."

One out of 161? Do these same women break bones when jumping to the same absurd conclusion as Serbian scientists?

Vitamin D-3 is used to kill rats! Why is it added to milk for our children and elderly to drink?

The title of a brochure produced by the Ministry of Environment in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, is: "Safe and Sensible Pest Control"

The brochure represents a series of "safe and sensible" pest control measures, according to the Canadian Health Minister.

Many methods of mice and rat control are discussed. I prefer the most foolproof of methods: Don't let them eat your food. Store all foods in refrigerators or tamper-proof containers. With no food supply, mice and rats go elsewhere to dine.

According to Canadian health officials, Vitamin D-3 is the most effective and ecologically sound method of dealing with rat and mouse infestation.

According to the brochure, products containing Vitamin D-3 (calciferol) kill by vitamin overdose after 3-4 days. The Vitamin D-3 actually mobilizes excessive amounts of calcium from an animal's bones.

And you thought that Vitamin D-3 helped to absorb calcium. Another dairy industry myth!

Don't try this at home. When the animal dies within your walls, its putrefying body will add the most unpleasant bouquet to your environment. The offensive smell may last for months.

How soon we forget! Children are taught in first grade that Vitamin D is the "sunshine vitamin." Vitamin D is a steroid hormone and is synthesized in one's body after skin is exposed to sunlight. Once the body has made enough, it will produce no more. Too much Vitamin D can be toxic and result in bone loss.

In 1963, the Journal Pediatrics revealed: "Consuming as little as 45 micrograms of Vitamin D-3 in young children has resulted in signs of overdose." (one gallon of milk contains 1600 IU, or 40 micrograms)." (Pediatrics, 1963; 31)

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that of 42 milk samples, only 12% were within the expected range of Vitamin D content. Testing of 10 samples of infant formula revealed seven with more that twice the Vitamin D content reported on the label, one of which had more than four times the label amount. Vitamin D is toxic in overdose for rats and mice. (New England Journal of Medicine, 1992, 326)

Why does the world remain in such darkness regarding the true nature of vitamin D-3? How could one industry (dairy) have the power to pull the veil of darkness so easily over truth by manipulating the media with such creative funding? "Plato wrote, 'We can easily forgive a child who's afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.'"
- Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner (Criminal Minds, Boogeyman episode)

Robert Cohen

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