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Frontline to air documentary "The Trouble With Chicken"

FRONTLINE TO AIR DOCUMENTARY ON 'THE TROUBLE WITH CHICKEN': Foster Farms will take center stage in a new FRONTLINE documentary scheduled to air this week, detailing the U.S. food safety system and foodborne illness in America as it pertains to the poultry industry. The film will look closely at the Salmonella outbreak linked to the company, which sickened more than 600 people during a 16-month period. The report comes from David E. Hoffman, a Pulitzer prize winning contributing editor at the Washington Post and the same reporter who earlier this year collaborated with FRONTLINE on a documentary about animal agriculture's role in the prevalence of antibiotic resistance. The film will also explore the Agriculture Department's proposed standards for chicken parts contamination.

"The film exposes one of the key shortcomings of the inspection system: While 80 percent of chicken bought in supermarkets is packaged as parts, inspectors have only been testing whole chickens for Salmonella," a statement from FRONTLINE reads. 'The agency has only recently proposed standards - or limits - on contamination in chicken parts." Check out local listings for the documentary's air times here: < 40dbcea84dcb0cdac945e160938b5a>.

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