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Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest

"It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will
survive but those who can best manage change...The expression
often used by Mr. Herbert Spencer of the Survival of the
Fittest is more accurate, and is sometimes equally convenient."
& #8213; Charles Darwin

Every day, while others sleep, I spend 2-3 reviewing abstracts
from scientific publications posted on Medline. In that manner,
I continue my education. In that manner, I "go to school".

Today (September 10, 2012) there are 1288 new studies posted.
A few studies regarding cancer and heart disease were of interest;
the one publication really catching my eye was related to
an environmental issue in which some people do survive while
others do not. Some live to reproduce their DNA unto their
offspring, while others perish as a result of an environmental
factor. In this case, those doing one thing different than
all other members of the human race catch a painful disease
and are among those who are not of the fittest, and they die.

Although the Darwinian term "Surival of the Fittest"
describes a term often applied to evolution, that
term can simply apply to one generation of one
species. In this case, we compare just one environmental
factor applied to the entire human population of
Bavaria, Germany, No, this study does not consider
Bavarian cream pie consumption.

The study was published in the September, 2012 issue of
the International Archive of Occupational and Environmental
Health. Researchers (Tr�ger & Meyer) found an association
between those people drinking water with high uranium content
in Bavaria, Germany and with cancer risk.

The researchers reported:

"We found a significantly increased risk of leukemia in men...
Moreover, in women, a significantly elevated risk was identified
with respect to kidney cancer in the highest exposure category
and with respect to lung cancer in the intermediate exposure

In other words, when in Bavaria, don't drink the water and
while attending Octoberfest beer celebtations in the Munich
area, avoid Helles (the most popular home-brewed Bavarian
beer) and drink another brand called Bavarian which is
actually brewed in the Netherlands.

As for survival of the fittest...

Check out a list of diseases which shorten human lifespans
due to milk and dairy consumption:

Robert Cohen

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