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Sports Nutritionist and Vegetarian

[Wall Street Journal]

Sports nutritionist Lisa Dorfman has been a vegetarian since her teen years. She has also competed in triathlons and long-distance races for the past 25 years. While she notes the benefits of a plant-based regimen, she emphasizes the importance of consulting with a professional before trying something new. "Vegan diets may work well for some people and make other people sick," Ms. Dorfman says. "One thing is not good for everybody." The professor of nutrition at University of Miami and author of "Sports Nutrition for Vegetarians" spoke with's Elva Ramirez and offered tips for athletes who are considering switching to a vegan or vegetarian diet. What are the benefits of a vegetarian or vegan diet for athletes? Ms. Dorfman:Vegan or vegetarian diets are plant-based, which means they are generally proportionally high in carbohydrates. You always need carbohydrates for energy. Plant-based diets or vegan diets are very low in fats. Fats are very slow fuels to use for any type of exercise. The plant-based diet is ideal because it's generally high in complex carbohydrates, low in fats and low in cholesterol -- if not cholesterol-free. Cholesterol is only found in animal products.


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