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Slam Dunk on Genetically Modified Crops

April 21, 2014

"Stability was practically assured.”
- Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

"One believes things because one has
been conditioned to believe them.”
- Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

"...most men and women will grow up to love
their servitude and will never dream of revolution."
- Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

"I ate civilization. It poisoned me; I was defiled. And then,"
he added in a lower tone, "I ate my own wickedness."
- Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

* * * *

On April 6, 2014, the most toxic of herbicides (glyphosate)
was detected in breast milk from American mothers. Urine from
those mothers also showed glyphosate levels ten times higher than
European mothers. Glyphosates are the active ingredient in
Monsanto's genetically engineered Roundup Ready herbicides.
Such genetically engineered crops are not legal in Europe, so
Roundup Ready is not used by the European Union.

Glyphosate builds up over time in a woman's body, and it
can also be found in American drinking water up to ten times
more than in European drinking water. Got Evian? Perhaps you
should! While sipping your bottled water from France, spell
E.v.i.a.n backwards. You will come up with a word which
represents current American attitudes towards the extreme
dangers of a "Craven New World" in which foods are
genetically engineered.

Easter brings NBA playoff basketball time, and the most
intimidating and conclusive evidence of one player's
dominance over another player is the slam dunk.

For today and the future, when the subject comes up in
debate, let today's column become your slam dunk
evidence against genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The dairy industry imagined they had a slam-dunk,
but their most recent attempt at supporting genetic
engineering has instead turned into a double dribble.

Here is what dairy farmers are thinking.
This (edited) idiotic and illogical letter is being heavily
promoted and marketed on pro-dairy industry websites.
It was written by Stacey Forshee, Director of the
Kansas Farm Bureau's 5th District. She argues that
because she has children and makes money growing
GMO crops, glyphosates are a blessing. Absurd!

* * * * * * * * * *

"My husband David and I raise alfalfa, wheat, milo,
corn and soybeans, and cattle. We're also the proud
parents of three kids, Kendra, Lauren and Wyatt.

"Lately, I've been frustrated by the attacks against
genetically modified crops and those of us who use them.

"For more than a decade many of our crops have been GMOs.
They're more drought-resistant, give higher yields and
require less tilling of the earth—which leads to less
soil erosion. Additionally, GMOs allow us to use fewer
chemicals and herbicides, saving my family money and
helping to protect the environment for my children's
future. GMOs also help support my family's farming
operation, the rural community in which we live and
provide food, fuel and fiber to meet a growing world

"I am a farmer, but I'm also a mom who has three growing kids.

"Criticizing farmers for growing crops that have tremendous
conservation and environmental benefits is irrational.
Expecting families to pay more for foods that have
repeatedly been proven safe is immoral and wrong."

Stacey Forshee
1141 Cloud Rd.
Delphos, KS

* * * * * * * * * *

In December of 2013, I discovered and described an easy
layup to counter GMOs. Two uncontested easy points. Score!

The December, 2013 issue of Food Chemistry included a
study which found virtually no differences between
Roundup Ready GMO soybeans and non-GMO soybeans.
Authors of that research at the Department of
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at Ames
University in Iowa concluded:

"In this research the varieties used did not show
significant differences in major compounds between
Roundup Ready and conventional beans, but moisture
content had a big impact on classification accuracies.
Four of the five RR samples had slightly higher
moistures and had a higher water uptake than their
conventional counterparts."

It has been my own experience (chronicled in my first
book, MILK: The Deadly Poison) that GMO manufacturers lie,
deceive, bribe members of congress (PAC donations) and
then arrange for their attorneys and scientists hired by
the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to write the rules
and regulations governing such products. FDA established a
policy in 1994 which they called "Substantial Equivalence"
meaning that GMO products and the natural products they
replaced are "virtually" the same.

Political favors were called in by Monsanto who first
had their attorney (from the firm of King & Spalding)
appointed to the Supreme Court. Clarence Thomas was
replaced by another King & Spalding attorney, Michael
Taylor, who wrote the policies for GMO foods. Under
the Obama administration, Taylor was appointed to FDA
as the America's Director of Food Safety czar.

The smoking gun that fires the bullet to wound
proponents of GMO foods will be included in the
June, 2014 issue of the peer-reviewed scientific
journal, Food Chemistry.

Scientists at the Center for Biosafety at the Arctic
University of Norway conducted research comparing
herbicide residues in GMO soybeans to non-GMO soybeans

The Title of their work: Compositional differences in
soybeans on the market: Glyphosate accumulates in Roundup
Ready GM soybeans.

# # # # #


Wikipedia reports:

"Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide
used to kill weeds...concerns about their effects on
humans and the environment persist...Some crops have
been genetically engineered to be resistant to glyphosate
(i.e. "Roundup Ready", also created by Monsanto Company)...
Soy was the first "Roundup Ready" crop...Glyphosate is
absorbed through not expected to move
vertically below the six inch soil layer…Glyphosate is
not included in compounds tested for by the Food and
Drug Administration's Pesticide Residue Monitoring Program,
nor in the United States Department of Agriculture's
Pesticide Data Program…Human acute toxicity is dose
related. Acute fatal toxicity has been reported in
deliberate overdose...Glyphosate causes oxidative damage
to human skin cells.

"A study by the Seralini lab published in 2005 found that
glyphosate interferes with aromatase, an estrogen biosynthesis
enzyme, in cultures of human placental cells and that the
Roundup formulation of glyphosate had stronger such activity.
A follow up study by the Seralini lab, published in 2009,
showed similar results in human liver cells...

"Weeds resistant to the herbicide have been called superweeds.
The first documented cases of weed resistance to glyphosate
were found in Australia in 1996, involving rigid ryegrass
(Lolium rigidum) near Orange, New South Wales. In 2006,
farmers associations were reporting 103 biotypes of weeds
within 63 weed species with herbicide resistance. In 2009,
Canada identified its first resistant weed, giant ragweed,
and at that time fifteen weed species had been confirmed
as resistant to glyphosate."

# # # # #

Norwegian Researchers conclude:

"This study demonstrated that Roundup Ready GM-soy may have
high residue levels of glyphosate and AMPA, and also that
different agricultural practices may result in a markedly
different nutritional composition of soybeans. In the
present study organic soybean samples had a more profitable
nutritional profile than industrial conventional and GM

"We argue that pesticide residues should have been a part
of the compositional analyses of herbicide tolerant GM
plants from the beginning. Lack of data on pesticide
residues in major crop plants is a serious gap of knowledge
with potential consequences for human and animal health.

"We therefore recommend (1) increased effort on sampling
and testing crop material from the market; (2) testing for
possible dose–response effects of chemical residues in
long-term feeding studies; (3) inclusion of pesticide residue
measurements and safety testing in the regulatory system
for risk-assessment and (4) further research on the indirect
ecological effects of herbicides and pesticides, i.e., on
ecological interactions in the soil community with possible
effects on nutrient uptake and plant composition."

* * * *

"Acceptance of what has happened is the first step
to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune."
- William James
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Robert Cohen

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