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Shopping Vegan

Here's a shopping list of items I simply can't do without. You usually have to look in 3-5 spots in the grocery store to find everything you need as a vegan. At most grocery stores there's usually one or two areas in the frozen food section, one in the dairy section, one in the produce section (with the tofu usually), another refrigerated area near the deli area, and then in the aisles! Some of the stuff like vegan jerky can only be found in health food stores.

1. Refrigerated Food Section:

"Silk" Soy Milk
(vanilla, chocolate, chai and 'egg nog' are our favorites)

"Soymage" Vegan Singles
"Tofutti" Soy Cheese Slices

"Silk" Soy yogurt

Meat Substitutes
Deli Meat
"Lightlife" Smart Deli
(ham, turkey flavor)
good for sandwiches mainly)
"Lightlife" Smart Bacon
"Yves" Breakfast Sausage Patties
"Lightlife" Smart Deli (pepperoni)
Hot dogs
"Lightlife" Tofu Pups
"Yves" tofu dogs

"Earth Balance" Buttery Spread
most vegetable margarines

Sour Cream
"Tofutti" Sour Supreme
(I'm a fan of the chive flavor)

All Brands

Energ-G Egg Substitute
1 Banana (in sweet recipes)

2. Frozen Food Section:

Meat Substitutes
"Morningstar Farms" Better N Burgers
"Gardenburger" Riblets
"Natural Touch" Vegan Burgers
"Mon Cuisine" Vegan Chicken Nuggets
"Morningstar Farms" Crumbles
"Yves" Ground Round
(just add sloppy joe mix & tomato sauce for awesome sloppy joe's! also good for any recipe that calls for ground beef, add taco seasoning for tacos or just add to your spaghetti sauce)

"Amy's Kitchen" products
(expensive but really tasty)
Brown Rice & Vegetables Bowl
Bean & Rice Burrito
Breakfast Burrito
Black Bean Vegetable Enchilada (this you MUST try!)
Roasted Vegetable Pizza (also sooo yummy!)
Vegetable Pot Pie
Shepherd's Pie
Mexican Tamale Pie
Veggie Loaf dinner

Ice Cream
"Tofutti Cuties" (Ice cream sandwiches)
Perry's Ice Cream: "Swedish Glace" Vanilla
"Tofutti Frozen Deserts" (Butter Pecan and Vanilla Almond Bark!)

3. Dry/Canned Food Section:

Breakfast Items
Almost any cereal that doesn't have honey
"Nature Valley" Peanut Butter Granola Bars
"Kellog's" Non-frosted Strawberry Pop Tarts (Yum!!)

Energ-G Egg Substitute (boxed)
1 Banana (for sweet recipes)

Any bread without whey or dairy products

Beef Jerky
"Vegi Jerky" (hot) (My favorite)
"Stonewall's Jerquee"
"Primal Strips Vegan Jerky" (Josh's favorite)

Baked Beans
"Busch's" Vegetarian Baked Beans (just add tofu dogs!)

Refried Beans
"Rosarita's" Vegetarian Refried beans

"Nasoya" Nayonaise

"Hormel" Vegetarian Chili

Campbell's Vegetarian Vegetable Soup
or any vegetable soup (lentil, bean, etc.)
"Pacific" French Onion Soup (carton)
most Miso soups (Japanese)
"Amy's" Organic Soups (canned)
"Fantastic" Soups (dried, packaged)

Favorite Vegan Snacks
Fruit leather (all flavors!)
Soft or hard pretzels
Pita bread and a carton of Hummus
Pickles, olives, and fresh fruits and veggies (of course!)
Luna Bars
Dark Chocolate (not milk chocolate)
Just Veggies (dehydrated veggies & fruits)

4. Vegan Fastfood on the Road
Note: Subway and Burger King bread is not vegan.
 Both contain mono and di glicerides.

Taco Bell
Order Bean Burritos "al fresco"
& they'll replace the cheese w/ fresh salsa
Burger King
BK Veggie Burger, hold the mayo
Veggie Delight Sub, hold the mayo & cheese
Pizza joints
Order any veggie pizza with no cheese!

Cruelty Free Cosmetics & Body Care
(The following do not test on animals.)

Bath & Body Works
The Body Shop
Bonne Bell
Crabtree & Evelyn
Estee Lauder
M.A.C. Cosmetics
Manic Panic
Paul Mitchell
Rachael Perry
Urban Decay
Victorias Secret

Some more good sites:

Soy Food Guide (pdf)