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1980's Documentary on vegetarianism hosted by W. Shatner

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Early 1980's documentary on vegetarianism hosted by William Shatner

Director: Jonathon Kay
This documentary is a great overview.

A lot of vegetarian documentaries (especially the more recent ones circulated on the internet) focus heavily on morality and the atrocities of the slaughterhouse. While being valid points, these concepts frighten off a lot of curious omnivores. THE VEGETARIAN WORLD is a rather tame introduction to the idea of vegetarianism which I would recommend to all ages and all levels of sensitivity.

There are a few slaughterhouse scenes, and there is a particularly upsetting scene of a cow being murdered (really, there is no other word to describe it; you'll see). But these are only brief clips, and they are not gratuitous at all. The majority of this 28-minute documentary is dedicated to exploring vegetarian cultures around the world, health aspects, and the historical perspectives of famous vegetarians. It focuses mainly on the positive rather than the negative.

Unfortunately, the quality of video is only about a C+ in that it is old and probably transferred from VHS. Don't bother with the 33mb download. If you have the bandwidth, download the full 300mb mpg for best viewing.

And yes, William Shatner IS a vegetarian. :)


Shatner as crack (but quirky) attorney Denny Crane in his hit series BOSTON LEGAL

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