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Raw Food Vegan Diet Decreases Hunger & Obesity

Raw Food Vegan Diet Decreases Hunger & Obesity

Yesterday (November 17, 1020), I received this news of a new study from PR Newsweb.

"A new study published by Joel Fuhrman, M.D., in Nutrition Journal reveals for the first time ever that people who follow a diet high in micronutrients feel less hunger overall and suffer less discomfort from hunger, even when they consume fewer calories."

AUTHORS: Joel Fuhrman, et. al.

CITATION: Nutrition Journal 2010, 9:51doi:10.1186/1475-2891-9-51
7 November 2010

METHOD: 768 human subjects ate either a high nutrient density diet consisting of raw fruits and vegetables or the standard American diet consisting of a low nutrient density diet.

Researchers report:

"Nearly 80% of respondents reported that their experience of hunger had changed since starting the high nutrient density diet, with 51% reporting a dramatic or complete change in their experience of hunger."


"Hunger is one of the major impediments to successful weight loss. Our findings suggest that it is not simply the caloric content, but more importantly, the micronutrient density of a diet that influences the experience of hunger. It appears that a high nutrient density diet, after an initial phase of adjustment during which a person experiences "toxic hunger" due to withdrawal from pro-inflammatory foods, can result in a sustainable eating pattern that leads to weight loss and improved health. A high nutrient density diet provides benefits for long-term health as well as weight loss."

Robert Cohen

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