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"Dogs and rats" found in food chain - Scotland

25th February 2013
MEAT from RATS and abandoned DOGS may have entered the human food chain, an MEP claims.

Alyn Smith says "forced cannibalism" is feared to be taking place with dead animals being turned into food for livestock and pets. He said Spanish cops are probing pet sanctuaries in the country after finding warehouses stacked with 15 tons of dog carcasses. And the MEP for Scotland insists there will be "further revelations". He said yesterday: "Colleagues from France and Belgium tell me they expect results of tests any minute which will confirm dog and rat in the human food chain. I'm concerned given the EU-wide pet food market this contamination could be considerably more widespread." Mr Smith -- in Edinburgh to promote Scottish beef -- has lodged a demand for European-wide testing as the meat labelling scandal deepens.

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