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What Is A Vegan? The Public Answers.

[Phoenix Vegan Examiner - opinion - video at full story link]

What is a vegan? One person decided to ask that exact question to those walking around a place many consider an epicenter of vegan culture: Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. Here are the… not-so-uplifting results.

Yikes. Now, I'm guessing many reading this column already know the definition of vegan, and many are probably vegans themselves. But many out there, as indicated by the video, believe a vegan is "a woman, a bug, a listener, a candy bar, or a vegetarian of an ethnic variety." I can only hope that they interviewed 50 people that day who did, in fact, know what a vegan was and only a handful of people who didn't.


But for those who don't know what a vegan is, and they just decided to google-news the word and came across this article, a vegan is someone who abstains from eating anything containing animal products and adheres to a cruelty-free lifestyle. This means no eating chicken, fish, cows, honey, cheese, and obscure food ingredients like royal jelly and casein. For a complete list, see here. In regards to the lifestyle component, they tend not to buy leather, many cosmetics, silk, cashmere, wool, felt, and many other products that derive from animals. Being ‘100% vegan' is difficult, if not downright impossible. Even consuming prescription meds means that you're linking yourself to animal testing.


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