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Eating Insects - Jan 2017
Truth Or Drought? - May 2015
Eating less meat is better for the planet - April 2015
Film Links Meat Industry to Water Scarcity - April 2015
The meat industry is furious with a panel that helps formulate dietary guidelines. - April 2015
Inefficiency of Meat Consumption - March 2015
EU should halve meat, dairy consumption to cut nitrogen-report - April 2014
The Richest Man in the World Explains How to Save the Planet - March 2014
Farmageddon: the true cost of cheap meat - February 2014
Meat Production Is Major Cause of Climate Change - January 2014
Report: Intensive meat production devouring land and raw materials - Jan 2014
Video Documentation about Meat Damage - Dec 2013
Environmental Impact of Global Meat Production - Dec 2013
Climate Change From Our Plate - Nov 2013
Bill Gates for Meat Free Future - Oct 2013 - Environmental Education
Cut meat consumption or planet headed for a crisis - Sept 2013
To feed 4 billion more, skip meat, milk and eggs, study says - August 2013
Eating As Though the Environment Mattered - May 2013
Bill Gates Wants You to Reconsider Your Stance on Fake Meat - March 2013
What Does it Cost to Feed Your Cow? - May 2012
To effect change, should the 99% go vegan? - April 2012
Eat less meat to prevent climate disaster, study warns - April 2012
The Myth of Sustainable Meat - April 2012
Green - Death of the Forests - March 2012
Starvation - Feb 2012
Research Reveals the True Cost of a Burger - Feb 2012
Vegetarian diet would slash Britain's carbon footprint - February 2012
George Monbiot: Why Vegans Were Right All Along - Jan 2012
Can becoming a vegetarian help save the planet? - Jan 2012
Amsterdam - Workshop: Sustainable Protein Supply - Dec 2011
The Baltic Sea, the food we eat, and what all this means - Dec 2011
High steaks: Meat eaters' climate impact - July 2011
New Science Article about Vegetarianism and the Planet - July 2010
Mink industry blamed for water woes in Nova Scotia - May 2010
Freegan Lifestyle - May 2010
Animal-farms-eat-up-tropical-forests-say-experts - April 2010
Diet For World Peace? - January 2010
Eating For the Planet - June 2009
Heresy of the First Order: We are the "Third Chimpanzees" - June 2009
Cattle, Not Soy, Drives Amazon Deforestation - Report - April 2009
Hospitals will take meat off menus in bid to cut carbon - Feb '09
What is Worse -- Pig Farmers or Terrorists? - Feb '09
Environmental Children's Organization - from 1992 and still important
How Animal Liberation Will Benefit Human Rights - January 2009
The Low-Carbon Diet - January 2009
Important benefits from slaughterhouse closings - November 2008
Disparity Between Vegetarianism & Environmentalism - Dr. S. Best, Aug. '08
A Very Inconvenient Truth - by Captain Paul Watson
What next? Peace activists arguing we drop fewer bombs? - August 2008
Approx. 854 million people do not have enough to eat - July 2008
Less Meat, Less Heat! - July 2008
Diet For A Small Planet, 1971 - June 08
Vegans and Capitalism - June 08
Rainforest Destruction: What's Meat Got To Do With It? - Dr. Steven Best
Healthy Planet -- Excerpts from "Diet for a New America" by John Robbins.
Vegans, Ecology, and Animal Rights
Livestock's Long Shadow.pdf
Vegetarianism & Environmental Protection
Ecology and Vegetarianism in Jain Dharma - March 2008
The E.L.F.s are Mad. Why Aren't We? - March 2008
Killer Cow Emissions - October 2007
Eating Less Meat May Slow Climate Change - September 2007
Vegetarianism and the Environment - September 2007
Will Tuttle. com - link to The World Peace Diet
Sustainable Living - July 2007
Meat Is Murdering The Planet - July 2007
Planet Needs Vegetarians - May 2007
Environmentalists Should Be Vegetarians - May 2007
The Fast Food Kroc - March 2007
Leo Tolstoy on Vegetarianism - March 2007
1980's Documentary on vegetarianism hosted by W. Shatner
You Call Yourself a Progressive -- But You Still Eat Meat? - March 2007
Vegan For the Planet - February 2007
Would You Stop Eating Meat to Save the Planet? - December 2006
Meat-eating is an unsustainable luxury - December 2006
Veganism and Capitalism - November 2006
How the U.S. is Eating the World - October 2006
Vegan Diet - Planet -- April 2006.
Population Control -- '06. Ecologist draws fire over views on population control
World Hunger -- '05. Problems That Cause World Hunger by VeganAngel_RI.
Vegs & Global Warming -- Aug. 2005. Can Vegetarians Stop Global Warming.
Case Against -- You're an Environmentalist; Why Eat Meat? by J. Motavalli
Costing earth -- Are Your Meals Costing the Earth? pamphlet by Vegan Society.
Dr. Steven Best -- Effects of using animals for food on: Water, soil erosion, rain forest, waste, and more.
Robbins -- More excerpts from "Diet for a New America".
Economics -- short essay on Vegan Economics.
Forests -- The Predicament of Tropical Rainforests: why they must be saved.
NY Times -- The Curse of Factory Farms, NY Times editorial.
How to Choose -- Essay / plea to friends to become vegetarian.
We the People, You the Rest . . . and the Sierra Club -- The Sierra Club: Where Does Animal Advocacy Come In?
100 Ways to help the environment (pdf file)


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