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Pasteurization Doesn't Destroy Paratuberculosis

It's Been a Rough Weekend, Thanks to Dairy Farmers

I cannot say that I didn't ask for it. With a headline in my notmilk column suggesting: "Dairy Farmers Can All Go to Hell" what did I expect?

Angry emails, late night phone calls, cleverly disguised threats.

I received all of the above.

The "reasoned" responses argued that the causative bacterium (mycobacterium paratuberculosis) which resulted in Johne's for cows and irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn's Disease in humans is, like other bacteria, killed by the pasteurization process.

So, here is my "reasoned" response to all dairymen. Since the Notmilk letter makes it to America's dairy country, by the end of today this message will be read by thousands of dairymen.

In May of 2005, the Journal of Food Protein {68(5):966-72.} examined whether or not pasteurization worked to destroy mycobacterium paratuberculosis before it could enter the intestines of human milk drinkers and create havoc.

A team of Wisconsin cheesehead dairy scientists (Ellingson JL, Anderson JL, et. al.) hired two separate laboratories to purchase over 700 retail samples of pasteurized milk from supermarket shelves in three states (California, Wisconsin, and Minnesota) over a 12-month period. The results in the researcher's words:

"Of the 22 brands of retail milk tested, 12 (55%) yielded at least one sample positive for viable mycobacterium paratuberculosis." It is clear that pasteurization does not destroy this bacterium, which was packaged in the milk containers and sold for public consumption. Crohn's takes many years to be diagnosed. Try and make the connection. You now have the mechanism for the etiology of these diseases in humans, so the decision is yours:

Drink the milk and eat the cheese and risk having diarrhea for the remainder of your lifetime like 40 million plagued Americans...or...


Robert Cohen

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