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Obtaining Notmilk Calcium

Obtaining Notmilk Calcium

There was a time in my life when human breast milk
was my primary calcium-rich food. Those who believe in
God or Evolution or Mother Nature are in universal
agreement on one thing: Human breast milk is the
perfect food for baby humans.

I've been weaned. I no longer drink human breast milk.
Nor do I drink dog milk, pig milk, or cow's milk.

My calcium comes from eating or juicing raw
fruits and vegetables.

A 100-gram portion of human breast milk contains
33 milligrams of calcium. Consider that number
(33) when reviewing my favorite calcium-rich foods.

My top two-dozen calcium choices (per 100-gram portion):

1. Almonds 234 mg
2. Apricots (dried) 67 mg
3. Beet greens 99 mg
4. Broccoli 48 mg
5. Carrot 37 mg
6. Cashew nuts 38 mg
7. Swiss Chard 88 mg
8. Collards 250 mg
9. Cress 81 mg
10. Dandelion greens 187 mg
11. Endive 81 mg
12. Escarole 81 mg
13. Figs (dried) 126 mg
14. Filberts (Hazelnuts) 209 mg
15. Kale 249 mg
16. Lettuce (dark green) 68 mg
17. Mustard Green 183 mg
18. Olives 61 mg
19. Orange 43 mg
20. Parsley 203 mg
21. Raisins 62 mg
22. Spinach 93 mg
23. Sunflower seeds 120 mg
24. Water Cress 151 mg

Can it be any clearer to you that there are quite a
number of raw food options containing calcium?

Robert Cohen

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