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August 30

New York Times carries an editorial headed, "The Curse of Factory Farms."

It begins, "Factory farms have become the dominant method of raising meat in America. Agribusiness loves the apparent efficiency that comes with raising thousands of animals in a single large building where they are permanently confined in stalls or pens. Most of the human labor can be automated. It takes less land, because the animals live cheek by jowl their entire lives."

The editorial concentrates on the environmental havoc wreaked by the farms. It also expresses opposition to the government's support of factory farming:  "And it should never use taxpayer money to encourage a method of farming that works against the public's desire for open space, biodiversity and clean, non-malodorous air."

You can read the whole piece at:

Curse of Factory Farms
The editorial concentrates little on the issue of animal cruelty but presents the opportunity for letters on that topic and on the pleasures and advantages of a plant based diet. You'll find much information on the animal cruelty aspect of factory farming at:

You'll find information on the advantages of plant based diets on PCRM's website at:

The New York Times takes letters at:

Always include your full name, address, and daytime phone number when writing a letter to the editor.

Yours and the animals', Karen Dawn