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That's the Way the Bawl Bounces

How can we destroy the National Football League this week? By revealing that multiple members of the Philadelphia Eagles have been sneezing in the locker room during practice as a result of extremely close and personal contact with some rough and tough Buccaneers from Tampa last Sunday. Can guys get MRSA by touching other guys? The Dallas Cowboys will find out next Sunday after playing Philadelphia. And then the Giants will find out the following week. By Thanksgiving, football fans might not be giving thanks. This communicable disease can get ugly.

Two weeks ago, the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that more than 21,000 Americans will die from MRSA in 2013. Some 15,500 people died of AIDS in 2010. Because of the October 15, 2013 continuing government shutdown, 2013 AIDS death estimates are not available For the sake of comparison.

MRSA. The new 21st century genetically engineered bacterium with no cure. Blame Monsanto. Blame FDA for keeping this secret which Notmilk revealed after learning these details from a Freedom of Information Act Request six years ago: conversations/messages/2810

Three football players on the same team, the 0-5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are now infected with MRSA. There is currently a debate going on in the National Football League (NFL) as to whether one football player can pass MRSA onto another player. This stupid debate might be occurring to men who take repeated hits to the head, but consider. Two weeks ago one member of that same team was infected. Last week, two were infected. Next week? Perhaps the NFL should tackle this issue which the United States Centers for Disease Control continues to be offside on.

I blame MRSA on Monsanto. After filing a Freedom of Information Act request, I learned that Monsanto accidentally created a genetically engineered version of Staphylococcus Aureus which is resistant to antibiotics. After Working with FDA, my efforts led to a closure of Monsanto's factory for a full year which cost them a few hundred million dollars. Monsanto never recovered from that biotech error, and sold their bovine growth hormone patent and rights to another pharmacology company.

The August, 2013 issue of mBIO (a publication of the American Journal of Microbiology) blames America's current MRSA pandemic on dairy cows. Scientists write:

"Here, we report the discovery of emergent clones of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) that originated in livestock and switched to humans, followed by host-adaptive evolution and epidemic spread in global human populations. Our findings demonstrate that livestock can act as a reservoir for the emergence of new human bacterial clones with potential for pandemic spread, highlighting the potential role of surveillance and biosecurity measures in the agricultural setting for preventing the emergence of new human pathogens."

Robert Cohen

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