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Aren't We Lucky? Another Phony Dairy/Calcium Conclusion!

Aren't We Lucky? Another Phony Dairy/Calcium Conclusion!

"These dairymen are organized; they're adamant, they're militant...And they, they're massing an enormous amount of money that they're going to put into political activities, very frankly." - John Connally

(On March 23, 1971, Secretary of the Treasury, John Connally witnessed the payment of a $3 million cash bribe to then President Richard Nixon. His comments were recorded on a Watergate tape recorded on March 23, 1971.) * * * * *

Dairy industry marketing is brilliant and includes phony science.

This time it's a study published in a journal called Nutrition Research (Volume 31, Issue 10, Pages 759-765, October 2011 Their conclusion is in the title:

Nutrients from dairy foods are difficult to replace in diets of Americans

Articles have been written based upon the absurd hypothesis posed by the authors of this study who claim that one cannot absorb the calcium or vitamin D added to foods other than dairy products.

Each one of the four authors are affiliated with the dairy industry. Two of them (Nancy Auestadand Erin Quann) work for the Dairy Research Institute in Rosemont, Illinois. In their abstract, the authors report:

"Because dairy products provide shortfall nutrients (eg, calcium, potassium, and vitamin D) and other important nutrients, this study hypothesized that it would be difficult for Americans to meet nutritional requirements for these nutrients in the absence of dairy product consumption or when recommended nondairy calcium sources are consumed."

Yeah, right? I then spent the better part of a day researching the key "players" in the journal of Nutrition Research. Ready for some fun?

The Editor-in-Chief of the journal which published the absurd pro-dairy study is Bruce A. Watkins. Dr Watkins is the chairman of the Diet and Health Initiative at the University of Connecticut which has received over $2 million in funding from the the National Dairy Council, Monsanto, the American Egg Board, and other consumer-friendly groups such as Parke/Davis, and Pharmacia.

The Associate Editor Mark Wahlqvist, worked for the Dairy Research and Development corp and ran a pro-dairy conference for them in 1998.

A key member of the journal's advisory board, Donald Beitz (Chair of Iowa State's Nutrition Department) became a Fellow of the American Dairy Science Association in 2001 and received the Dannon Yogurt Mentorship Award in 2005. Another member of the advisory board, G. Harvey Anderson, has worked for and is funded by the Dairy council of California.

A key player on the journal's editorial board is Dr. John Anderson who teaches nutrition at the University of North Carolina. Dr. Anderson has published papers with Dr. Greg Miller, one of the key marketing men of the dairy industry. I have written about Dr. Miller many times in Notmilk letters and have debated him live on national radio and television programs. Dr. Miller once was the editor of the journal of the American College of Nutrition, a publication that I refer to as "the whore's journal."

Add this journal and all other journals publishing the enormity of phony dairy industry-funded papers to an ever increasing list of so-called scientific publications which do nothing more than deceive.

I give the dairy industry credit. When it comes to investing their $500 million yearly marketing budget, they do so brilliantly!

Robert Cohen

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