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Intentionally Mis-naming a Hormone

"We are never deceived; we deceive ourselves."
- Goethe

Hormones act as chemical messengers.

Each hormone regulates one or more of the thousands of metabolic processes occurring every second inside of every cell within the human body.

There exists a separate group of hormones which regulate growth. These protein hormones (made up of amino acids) instruct cells to grow.

The first growth hormone to be identified (during the second World War) was appropriately named 'Human Growth Hormone' (hGH) or human somatotropin (hST).

Dogs have canine somatotropin (CST/CGH), pigs have porcine somatotropin (pST/pGH), and cows have bovine somatotropin (bST/bGH).

Insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) was discovered two decades after human growth hormone. One might assume that IGF-1 was given its name because the structure and/or function resembled that of insulin.

That is a deception presented to the world by Monsanto scientists.

IGF-I acts nothing like insulin. It does not resemble insulin in structure. It does not resemble insulin in function. Only the names are similar.

Had IGF-I been discovered before human growth hormone (GH), it would have received that name. IGF-I is much more powerful than GH. IGF-I is the most powerful growth hormone known to science. GH has 191 different amino acids in its amino acid chain. IGF-I has 70 amino acids. Insulin is composed of a mere 51 amino acids.

Maps of these hormones can be made so that each amino acid is identified as occupying a specific position on the chain. For example, amino acid #10 in bGH is leucine and amino acid #12 is alanine. In IGF-I, amino acid #10 is cysteine while #12 is methionine.

Human and cow growth hormones both have 191 amino acids, but the sequencing of amino acids on that chain differs by about 35%.

IGF-I, the most powerful growth hormone in the human body, and IGF-I is identical between humans and cows.

In order for scientists to intentionally negate the significance of this miraculous statistical improbability, they named the new growth hormone insulin-like.

Why did they twist scientific nomenclature in such a manner? What was their motive?

Simply stated, insulin is not orally active. If one was to orally ingest insulin, that protein molecule would be rapidly broken down by digestive enzymes into its basic amino acids. Oral ingestion of insulin deactivates its potential.

This is the key to this scientific fraud. This is the key to today's mystery. Monsanto scientists reasoned that if insulin-like growth factor was orally active, it would have meant an early death for that new technology called genetic engineering.

You see, when cows are injected with the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone, levels of IGF-I in their milk increase dramatically.

It would not matter, biased scientists reasoned, because insulin is broken down rapidly, so they passed on a previously conceived notion by applying a familiar name to the newly discovered protein hormone. To be insulin-like meant that the hormone would be rapidly destroyed and not be orally active. It would not work if swallowed by humans. IGF-I in milk was an impotent hormone. It existed, but could not work, just as insulin could not work, right? WRONG!

IGF-I has been identified as a key factor in the growth and proliferation of every single human cancer.

Milk has always been a hormonal delivery system. Milk was designed to deliver lactoferrins and immunoglobulins from a nursing mother to her own infant. Of course the hormones worked. There is plenty of evidence to support their bioactivity. Lactoferrins, immunoglobulins, and protein hormones in milk work to nourish and protect the young of each species because that was the how and why of milk's brilliant design.

Milk buffers gastric acidity so that protein hormones survive digestive processes. Milk hormones are protected by a powerful milk protein called casein. Casein is nature's most tenacious glue. Casein surrounds and protects delicate protein hormones from degradation because that is what it was designed to do. Furthermore, milk hormones are encapsulated in fat molecules. That adds further protection to their survivability.

Traditional insulin is manufactured in the pancreas and contains no such protective mechanisms. Insulin-like growth factor works nothing like insulin. It does not resemble insulin. It is manufactured in a different manner for a different purpose and survives digestion when it is contained in milk. Insulin does not survive digestion.

The nomenclature creates the fraud. The lie is swallowed by confused scientists who let others do their thinking.

If scientists are confused, imagine the members of the press who were instructed to write about this controversy. They had no clue and wrote what they were told to write. The perpetrator of this criminal act was Monsanto. Monsanto issued press releases which became guides for stories which were widely published. Imagine O.J. Simpson as the only party able to release information to the press. Imagine the George Bush war machine team. Imagine Ben and Jerry commenting on the safety of ice cream.

Homogenization of milk created an additional factor. During homogenization, nature's magnificent plan is enhanced so that many more insulin-like growth factor proteins survive. During homogenization, fat molecules are micronized (made smaller) by a factor of between ten and one hundred times. In this way, the number of fat molecules increases so that each one becomes a protective carrier for an insulin-like growth hormone protein. One pint of homogenized milk can contain upwards of one-trillion tiny fat molecules.

Insulin never would survive digestion. Insulin-like growth factor would, by design, naturally survive those same destructive processes which negate the potential of insulin. It was always a lie, and in this manner, the Monsanto Agricultural Company fooled one FDA reviewer who resigned a few years after issuing an opinion that no further research was required for Monsanto. She resigned and moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her name was Judy Juskevich and her error became Monsanto's crime against mankind. In her pre-approval letter, issued more than five years before actual approval, she concluded that IGF-I would not be orally active "based upon previous understanding of protein metabolism."

As a consumer, these issues become challenging. They are not fully understood unless one has a deep understanding of biological mechanisms and endocrinological systems. Yet, every nursing mother knew in her heart that a great lie was being told. If one thing applied, so did another. If the hormones in cows milk not work, then the hormones in a nursing mother's breast milk could not work for the same reason.

In other words, breastfeeding one's infant is a waste of time. That could be the only conclusion if one respected the scientists.

Well, we know that breastfeeding does work. Scientific studies have shown that human infants who breastfeed have greater immunological protection and will score higher on every sort of future intelligence test. Breastfeeding works because that is Mother Nature's plan. What a brilliant woman this Mother Nature is. She put the hormones into milk and insured that they wold survive.

The same exact hormones in hamburger will never survive digestion. The same exact hormones in milk will always survive digestion. The same exact hormones in homogenized milk will survive digestion at a rate much higher than nature ever intended.

The bottom line is this. Milk is a hormonal delivery system. One glass of milk taken from a cow injected with the genetically modified bovine growth hormone contains the same amount of growth hormones as two glasses of milk taken from a cow raised organically. Which milk do you drink? Neither, of course.

Just as you would not drink your mother's breast milk as an adult, neither should you drink milk from any species of mammal. Every milk formula contains very powerful hormones which should not be entering your body because they ARE orally active.

Robert Cohen

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