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Major Milk Recall in Chicago and New York

What Could Not Happen Again, Just Did!!!

"Did you ever observe to whom the accidents happen? Chance favors only the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur

"I don't like to hurt people, I really don't like it at all. But in order to get a red light at the intersection, you sometimes have to have an accident." - Jack Anderson

September 3, 2011

As Americans wake up on this first Saturday in September, most will not get today's Notmilk news until it is too late.

A major milk recall is underway in the Chicago and New York metropolitan areas and most consumers will enjoy their feces-tainted infected pus with cereal long before they get the news. The dairy industry tells us that pasteurization of milk works, and if we cannot trust them, who can we trust? How would noted breast cancer surgeon Robert Kradjian react to that question? Here's how:

"At a modern, large milk processing plant an accidental 'cross connection' between raw and pasteurized milk occurred. A violent salmonella outbreak followed, killing 4 and making an estimated 150,000 ill." (Chicago, 1986) - Robert Kradjian, M.D.

Today's improperly pasteurized Chicago milk has also been distributed in the NewYork metropolitan area.

Here's why pasteurization does not really work. Here's the real science which insiders do not let consumers know. Pasteurized wholesome milk is a lie. Before you purchase your quart or gallon, the milk has been pasteurized 3-4 times. Why? At the first sign of heat, rod-shaped bacteria such as listeria form a spore. Spore is the Greek word for seed. When the milk cools, the seed re-emerges.

Additional evidence for milk marketing prostitutes who distort real science:

"Listeria organisms excreted in cow's milk escaped pasteurization, grew well at refrigerator temperatures, and were ingested by consumers." - New England Journal of Medicine, 1985, 312 (7)

"A drop of sour milk may contain more than 50 million bacteria." - Modern Dairy Products, Lincoln Lampert

"Salmonella can remain viable in butter for up to 9 months." - Journal of Dairy Science 1992;75(9):2339 Why so many tiny teeming bugs in milk? Because liquid diarrhea drips down from the cow's anus underneath her feces-encrusted belly, and then drips down her udder into the pus-filled broth milk drinkers enjoy. Bacteria from the cow's colon, such as E. coli. Wonder where that stuff got its name? Salmonella? Not from that orange-fleshed fish...

Oh, well...Pasteurization works perfectly if you abstain from consuming bacteria-infused dairy products. Otherwise, it's a crap shoot.

"I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Robert Cohen

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