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Milk Industry Salts the Pot

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"It is a silly question to ask a prostitute why she does it.. These are the highest-paid professional women in America."
- Gail Sheehy quotes

Today's prostitute is Cindy Schweitzer, Technical Director, Global Dairy Platform. Yesterday (December 15, 2010), Cindy FedExed a press release to media outlets of a dairy-sponsored study (without including the study) which will not be published until February of 2011. The press release included her opinionated comment:

"It's about going back to the basics; maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be a scientific equation."

Yesterday's headline on screams:

"Milk consumption reduced heart attack risk by 18 percent."

Where's the actual study?
Oh, it will not be published and released until February of 2011 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Where's the publicity?
All over yesterday and today's media.

Who published the study?
Wageningen University in Holland.

Any conflicts with that?
Wageningen University is a dairy-sponsored school with this motto:

"Financing the global dairy sector in times of turbulence"

Last but not least, here's something regarding the American journal which will publish the Dutch study in February of 2011. I call the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition the "whore's journal" as it was started by America's dairy industry, as the top man in America's dairy industry (Greg Miller) was its first president, and it continuously publishes phony pro-dairy research...

Here is what I wrote about that journal on March 12, 2006:

Robert Cohen

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