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Milk exposed by MSN news

September 28, 2006

The truth about Dairy leaks out into mainstream media.

Women who consumed more than two servings of skimmed milk were 44% more likely to develop severe acne, possibly due to the hormones present in milk.

More worryingly, milk has been linked to various types of cancer. Another study pointed out that the estrogen in milk from pregnant cows could contribute to breast cancer. (Yes, in order for a cow to produce large quantities of milk, it needs to be pregnant!!!)

A more recent piece of research has linked milk with ovarian cancer, as the lactose in milk is believed to over-stimulate hormone production which causes tumour growth. Milk is also high in saturated fat, which is known to raise cholesterol and lead to heart disease.

According to researchers, all cow's milk contains dead white blood cells (somatic cells), even though all producers do their best to keep levels to a minimum. So what are they? Unfortunately, this is another name for pus. Remember that the next time you are pouring a bottle of semi-skimmed over your breakfast cereal.

Cow's milk is not a natural food for humans. (in the animal kingdom, of which we are a part, no adult animal drinks the milk of another species!!!, except for the idiot human animal!)

A great deal of cattle in the UK (and the US as well) is fed genetically modified grains and pulses

While nobody would dare dispute the benefits of the magic potion that is breast milk, health experts and researchers are divided on whether or not we should consume animal milk. (vegans are not at all bothered by this controversy. ..)

Just don't wash your cookies down with litres of full fat milk. For one thing, that's a whole lot of pus.

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