"A magazine is simply a device to
induce people to read advertising."
- James Collins

What is a contributing cause of breast cancer and
why do we find breast cancer clusters in upscale
regions such as Long Island's "Gold Coast" or
affluent Bergen County, New Jersey? Researchers
have no clue. and do not find the 50 percent
increase significant. They call it "modest". See:

The furtive reason is that upper-middle-class women
are able to afford leisure pursuits such as subscribing
to women's magazines like Ladies' Home Journal. Ladies
Home Journalis filled with dairy ads and pro-dairy
propaganda which subliminally affect readers. Got milk?
Got breast cancer! See:

These are the women who think they know more than the
unfortunate women who do not read Ladies' Home Journal.

These are the women who get breast cancer because they
believe the Got Milk ads in Ladies Home Journal.

These are the women who March to the Komen drums
and Avon breast cancer walks and are given free yogurt
by the race sponsors.

These are the women who donate hundreds of millions of
feel-good dollars to breast cancer walk organizers.

These are the women who return home to die from
breast cancer, continuing to eat dairy because
they are told that it is part of a "healthy diet."
Actually, dairy consumption is part of an unhealthy

The February, 2012 issue of this ad-generating
monthly bills itself as the "Special Health Issue."

On page 106 which is situated within a special food
section, is an article titled "Healthy Dose" with a
subtitle of "Heart Health". Ladies Home Journal
readers are instructed:

"A healthy diet...includes fat-free or low fat
dairy products."

The magazine includes three full-page ads placed
by the Velveeta cheese company, 1.5 pages of
advertising from the TruMoo chocolate milk company,
a full page ad on the inside back cover extolling
the virtues of milk chocolate M&Ms, and a full-page
ad from BOOST, a dairy product containing 26
"essential" nutrients according to the manufacturer,
Nestle. The first four ingredients of BOOST are:
Water, sugar, corn syrup, milk protein concentrate.

Antidote to Ladies' Dumb Journal:

Diabetes -
Osteoporosis -
Heart Disease -
Vitamin D -
Uterine Cancer -
Arthritis -

Final thought for the day: Ask yourself why
there exist so many well-publicized geographic
breast cancer clusters, while there are no
prostate cancer clusters?

Robert Cohen

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