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Kiss My Big White Asterisk

"Kiss my big black ass."
- Larry Holmes (to unscrupulous fight judges)

"Kiss my big white asterisk."
- Robert 'Notmilkman' Cohen (to unscrupulous dairymen)

The dairy industry is hailing a new scientific
publication by PE Chappell & K. Tolson in the
journal: Frontiers of Endocrinology. The process
of reading phony dairy industry claims often
comes with multiple asterisks. Dairy industry
marketing is historically and intentionally
deceptive and unscrupulous.

Today's DairyHerd opinion piece:

Tiny URL:

The DairyHerd article reports:

"In the blame game of early onset puberty in girls,
many fingers have pointed to "hormones in milk" as
the culprit."

"This isn't the first study to debunk the popular myth
blaming "hormones in milk" for early onset of puberty."

"Many studies have connected milk consumption with a
lower body mass index, further debunking the claim that
milk is responsible for reproductive issues in girls"

The actual study abstract:

The Changes They are A-Timed:
Metabolism, Endogenous Clocks, and the Timing of Puberty.

"Childhood obesity has increased dramatically over the last
several decades, particularly in industrialized countries,
often accompanied by acceleration of pubertal progression
and associated reproductive abnormalities (Biro et al., 2006;
Rosenfield et al., 2009). The timing of pubertal initiation
and progression in mammals is likely influenced by nutritional
and metabolic state, leading to the hypothesis that deviations
from normal metabolic rate, such as those seen in obesity,
may contribute to observed alterations in the rate of pubertal
progression. While several recent reviews have addressed the
effects of metabolic disorders on reproductive function in general,
this review will explore previous and current models of pubertal
timing, outlining a potential role of endogenous timing mechanisms
such as cellular circadian clocks in the initiation of puberty,
and how these clocks might be altered by metabolic factors.
Additionally, we will examine recently elucidated neuroendocrine
regulators of pubertal progression such as kisspeptin, explore
models detailing how the mammalian reproductive axis is silenced
during the juvenile period and reactivated at appropriate
developmental times, and emphasize how metabolic dysfunction
such as childhood obesity may alter timing cues that advance or
delay pubertal progression, resulting in diminished reproductive

by VETERINARIANS at Oregon State University's
College of Veterinary Medicine.

To the dairy industry:

"Kiss My Big White Asterisk!"
- Robert Cohen

Consider the fact that there are over 250,000 scientific
journals. Why would a veterinarian team from Oregon
need to publish their theory (not a study) in a meaningless
Swiss journal which, by the way, is published in French?

Why would a veterinarian's opinion regarding human
sexual maturity carry such weight and please dairy
pundits so?

The answer is that it should not. After DariyHerd published
their article, the co-author of the actual study (who has, in
my opinion, more cumulative integrity than the top 1,000
experts in this field combined, wrote:

"I am one of the two authors of this review paper and want
to clear some things up. First, this paper was a review of
some already published literature, not a research study that
we performed ourselves. Second, we did not discuss growth
hormone in milk at all in this paper. Multiple factors affect
puberty, and we did not discuss them all. Your article
misrepresents our review - I am not against dairy or saying
that growth hormone in milk is the cause of earlier puberty,
but it is dishonest to represent our paper as supporting your
- Kristen Tolson

Bravo Dr. Kristen Tolson. You are my hero.

The dairy industry once took credit for early
sexual maturity. That admission was published in
Hoard's dairyman, and the evidence is contained here:

Robert Cohen

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