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Key to Cancer from Standard American Diet

Key to Cancer from Standard American Diet

"A technical solution may be defined as one that requires a change only in the techniques of the natural sciences, demanding little or nothing in the way of change in human values or ideas of morality." - Garrett Hardin

There will be a study published in October. Most people will never see that study which offers the key and a technical solution to health and healing humankind's top three killers. Which offers a solution to health care. Which offers a solution to our destiny.

Newspapers, television, magazines...most will (for the most part) ignore the new study. It confirms the key to cancer, but the purpose of the media is to fill time and space in between commercials. The wisdom of this future study, reported here first, would represent a threat to the media by representing a negative flow, so do not expect to see much publicity regarding this future blockbusting news.

For humans, cancer is the rule and not the exception.

For humans, cancers usually stop growing soon after they begin. Healthy immune systems control cancers. Efficient immune systems result from feeding one's own body clean fuel. Clean food. Life is really that simple.

Cow's milk and dairy products do NOT cause cancer. I have never believed that they do. Milk and dairy products simply contain the key factor (IGF-I) to their growth. See:

What is dirty food, then? How does one fill up the body's engine with filthy inefficient fuel?

Notmilk first reported the dangers of consuming protein rich in the amino acid methionine in March of 2001. Since that time, Notmilk has posted 77 columns supporting why one should exclude methione-rich foods which include eggs, chicken, beef, pork, fish, and dairy products. The first Notmethinione column:

In that column, Notmilk wrote:

'Methionine is a good source for sulfur. That's the problem. Eat foods containing too much methionine, and your blood will become acidic. The sulfur converts to sulfates and weak forms of sulfuric acid. In order to neutralize the acid, in its wisdom, the body leaches calcium from bones."

It is Notmilk's position that the enormous consumption of Sulfur-based amino acids (methionine and cysteine) play Key roles in the etiology of osteoporosis, heart disease, and Cancer.

Animal proteins contain more methionine than plant proteins. Let's compare cow's milk to soymilk:
Methionine in 100 grams of soymilk: .040 grams
Methionine in 100 grams of whole milk: .083 grams
Methionine in 100 grams of skim milk: .099 grams

Let's compare 100 gram portions of tofu to meat:
(All of the meat products are lean and without skin)

Silken soft tofu: 0.074 grams
Hamburger: 0.282 grams
Hard boiled egg: 0.392 grams
Roast ham: 0.535 grams
Baked codfish: 0.679 grams
Swiss cheese: 0.784 grams
Roast chicken: 0.801 grams

What do I eat these days? None of the above. My diet these past weeks has been quite simple. During the past three days, I've eaten only seven different foods. I do eat a lot of bananas while following Dr. Douglas Graham's 80-10-10 diet.

My 100 gram portion of bananas contains 0.008 grams of methionine.

The other foods I've eaten in addition to bananas and the methionine include:

papaya: 0.002 grams of methionine/100 grams
tomatoes: 0.006 grams of methionine/100 grams
watermelon: 0.006 grams of methionine/100 grams
blueberries: 0.012 grams of methionine/100 grams
cantaloupe: 0.012 grams of methionine/100 grams
lettuce: 0.016 grams of methionine/100 grams

In two months, an article in the October, 2012 issue of Cancer Treatment Reviews will suggest that a vegan diet might protect humans from cancers because vegan diets are low in a sulfur-based amino acid identified as methionine. (Cancer Treat Rev. 2012 Oct;38(6):726-36).

Australian authors Cavuoto P. and Fenech MF. report:

"In humans, vegan diets, which can be low in methionine, may prove to be a useful nutritional strategy in cancer growth control."

The abstract to their paper:

"Methionine is an essential amino acid with many key roles in mammalian metabolism such as protein synthesis, methylation of DNA and polyamine synthesis. Restriction of methionine may be an important strategy in cancer growth control particularly in cancers that exhibit dependence on methionine
for survival and proliferation.

"Methionine dependence in cancer may be due to one or a combination of deletions, polymorphisms or alterations in expression of genes in the methionine de novo and salvage pathways. Cancer cells with these defects are unable to regenerate methionine via these pathways. Defects in the metabolism of folate may also contribute to the methionine dependence phenotype in cancer.

"Selective killing of methionine dependent cancer cells in co-culture with normal cells has been demonstrated using culture media deficient in methionine. Several animal studies utilizing a methionine restricted diet have reported inhibition of cancer growth and extension of a healthy life-span. In humans, vegan diets, which can be low in methionine, may prove to be a useful nutritional strategy in cancer growth control. The development of methioninase
which depletes circulating levels of methionine may be another useful strategy in limiting cancer growth.

"The application of nutritional methionine restriction and methioninase in combination with chemotherapeutic regimens is the current focus of clinical studies."

In her "Ministry of Healing," Ellen G. White wrote (page 271):

"In order to have good health, we must have good blood; for the blood is the current of life. It repairs waste and nourishes the body. When supplied with the proper food elements and when cleansed and vitalized by contact with pure air, it carries life and vigor to every part of the system."

Robert Cohen

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