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Sick to Death of KFC?

If you got violently ill from eating at a local KFC restaurant, you've come to the right place. KFCs all over the world are violating health codes left and right. If you're one of the many people who are literally sick and tired of KFC (and can prove you got sick as a result of eating at KFC), you may be able to join a possible lawsuit against the company. Please e-mail with all the details of your visit to KFC. We can't process your e-mail properly if you don't include your full name, age, address, e-mail address, phone number, date you visited KFC, date you got sick, how you got sick, and how you can show that it was KFC that made you sick—so please be sure to include ALL that information in your e-mail. Forward this site on to everyone you know, as they too may have gotten sick from KFC!

Click here to read the testimonial of one former KFC employee who often had to cook and serve rancid, green chicken at one KFC in Washington state.

● A KFC in Indiana was closed down for all of 2006 because the health department said it "posed an imminent health hazard" and was a "potential vector for food borne illness." Click here to read the article.

● There was a lawsuit filed against KFC after children in Colorado became sick from eating there. Click here to read more. This MSNBC article also mentions the case.

● A KFC in Knoxville was recently found to have 42 problems (out of a possible 46 items on the inspection list), including toxic chemicals out of place, chicken cooked at a temperature not high enough to prevent people from getting sick, and dirty containers, work stations, counters, and cups, among other things. Here's a story about it.

One KFC in Northern Ireland was fined almost $20,000 for serving raw chicken!

● Three KFCs in Los Angeles County were recently closed down temporarily because of violations. The violations included "vermin infestation" and contaminated utensils. See the L.A. Department of Public Health Report.

● In Missouri, a KFC was documented as having mold on the soda dispensers, dirty towels in the prep area (everyone knows how dirty and germ-filled rags can get), and service items on the floor, among other violations. Here's a story about it.

● A poor inspection at one KFC in Davenport, Iowa, helped spawn an article with the headline "Trash Cans, Flies and Meat, Oh My!" when flies were found all over a back room. Here's a story about it.

● In Princeton, West Virginia, a KFC was found to have dented cans, which can cause botulism to creep into the food! Here's a story about it.

● A KFC in Portland, Indiana, was found to have unsanitary ovens and fryers. See the report.

●A KFC in Vietnam was recently found to have unchecked chicken. Chicken contaminated with unsafe levels of Salmonella and E. coli were previously found at this same KFC! Click here to read the story about it.

This is a photo of a chicken from a Tyson slaughterhouse (one of KFC's largest suppliers). It's no surprise that people are getting sick from this stuff.

Remember, this is just a sampling of recent KFC violations throughout the United States. Any online search for the words "KFC" and "health code violation" will turn up loads more! Internationally, it isn't any better. So far, we've learned about a KFC in Belfast, Northern Ireland, that was fined almost 12,000($20,000) for serving raw chicken! Check out this BBC article about the whole fiasco. In China, KFC was using known carcinogens in its food and then an actual poisonous herb; the government told citizens, and KFC finally stopped. Read more about that.

It's no wonder that KFC continually violates health codes—it doesn't seem to care about anything! Department of Labor records show that KFCs all over the United States continually must pay settlements (sometimes more than $10,000) for violating labor laws, including CHILD labor laws! In New Zealand, KFC workers recently went on strike because of their disgustingly low wages. And it gets worse—check out this video narrated by Pamela Anderson showing all the awful ways that KFC abuses chickens, from cutting their beaks off to boiling them alive! KFC is a company that doesn't care about people's health, it doesn't care about its workers, and it certainly doesn't care about animals.

If you've gotten sick from eating at KFC, please e-mail to join in on a possible lawsuit taking KFC to task for making people everywhere sick. Please remember to forward this site on to everyone you know. Click here to send this page to a friend!